[Proposal] KalakendraDAO - Educational Session February 2022

KalakendraDAO Educational Session:

[Proposal] KalakendraDAO - Educational Session February 2022

Funding period: February 2022

Team Members:

gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

Shyams.near - shyam

Psycopomp.near - psycopomp

Target: kalakendra dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $350

As KalakendraDAO aims to educate and onboard Indian artists, we would like to continue pursuing that mission to add these artists to bring into blockchain to mint and sell their NFTs.

We have created this membership form on Google Forms https://forms.gle/YbJDnPX5d2cDdN2f6 for artists which we are sharing it on Social media & Twitter Space.

We are conducting our third educational session on 20th Feb 2022, and will welcome new community members to open NEAR wallet. We will be funding those wallets with NEAR tokens.

We will be dropping some NFTs as a certificate of completion for attending the educational session.

We are planning to onboard 10 artists by end of February. There are also a few artists who are minting in other chains we are approaching them & asking to mint on NEAR by offering to cover all the gas fees and get started.

Onboarding Funds - $150

Session fee: $200

Total funding requested: $350

Target payout address: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near