[REPORT] June, July, August Near Argentina

Hello Nearians! How are you doing?
We are here to report the last couple of months and our activities in our guild.
We had a rough couple of months due to market conditions and of course this also can be seeing in our numbers since a lot of people took a breather from crypto and the market as a whole.
No matter the case, we kept working and building and here are our current numbers!

Social Media Metrics


In telegram we maintained a 430 members tight by different activities such as spaces, meetups, AMAs, giveaways and games. We felt that the community needed more fun activities and learn in an easier way since there were so many ugly news in the market. We hold our numbers in most of our socials but of course we saw a slum in growth for obvious reasons.
We are very glad to know that we have a beautiful community that kept with us in these times and that they are here for what we build and that believe in us :blush:
Special thanks to @Turco @leamanza @chicharra.near and @matigo for the continuous efforts and work provided.


When it comes to twitter we grew a little bit more, we could not meet the numbers we were looking out for but we still created quality content and grew to 1413 followers. With the hard work done by @Turco we made a lot of threads regarding education and also some spaces to connect with other communities as well. There will be more detailed info below for reference.


We focused solely on AMAs and meetups here. We also created different areas and gave online classes for our community to learn English and Defi as well. We currently have 116 nearians learning in Discord about Near and Crypto.


  • Diario Defi and Threads

In twitter throughout these last three months we created content about Near in a variety of subjects such as Aurora, Near Technology (Sharding and scalability) Web 3.0, USN and its mechanism, Diario Defi (a sort of newsletter brought daily to let everyone know the day to day news in Near) and many more.

  • Partnerships and giveaways

We took a different turn in the midst of events related to the market in general and in order to keep out viewership and community we created more partnerships and giveaways to keep our members entertained and it worked out pretty well.
We could notice that people really needed a break throughout these heavy market conditions and what they wanted at the end of the day when they came back home was a very well needed chat with other people in the ecosystem. Connect and have fun to get their nerves off from all the bad news regarding crypto.
Here are our giveaways and events in Twitter and Telegram

  • Spaces and AMAs

In Twitter we kept going as usual with our NEAR Sabados, an initiative to have spaces on our weekends for the community to update regarding Near ecosystem and the market in general. Numbers could be seen reduced due to market conditions but we noticed that we kept our regular audience which is the most valuable one of course.
Here are the Spaces and AMAs we made:

  • Online Lessons

One of our community requests was to have more content regarding education and through a lot of discussion in our socials we decided to educate our community in other topics regarding crypto (DeFi) and English as well. So we created different channels in Discord for English and DeFi to upload free content to learn English and DeFi.

Finishing Thoughts

This is everything we build in the last couple of months. It was difficult to accomplish our KPIs regarding to members and growth because of this market conditions but we kept working hard to bring our community the education and information they deserve.

We are glad to have such a strong community by our side and we will keep thinking things to bring to you as well. Thank you for your support through this difficult days!

Stay tuned for new updates and new activities within Near Argentina :blush:
Be seeing you NEARly fellow nearians!


Most definitely Near Argentina is my favourite Near Guild to chill and learn about the ecosystem, keep it up guys you are doing an amazing job! :100:


Amazing job @nacho.near!
Glad to be part of the guild!


Thanks @LuisEndrinal and thanks @matigo for the kind words! We are really happy to have you here with us :blush: lets keep the hard work going!

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It’s an honor to work in this amazing guild, thanks everybody for making this possible @nacho.near @leamanza @matigo @chicharra.near


hi @nacho.near thanks for your report