[ REPORT ] Jan 2022 - Budget for blockchain/events interactions V1 - QualDAO - TheClanGuild

Jan 2022 - Budget for blockchain/events interactions V1 - QualDAO - TheClanGuild

We are happy to announce that our carnival event was a success!

More pics at: Manie Dansante de Carnaval - Quadra da Vizinha Faladeira - 25/02/2022 - Título do site

Video: Login • Instagram

Results from the Near Promo:

Publicity on social networks in multiple formats with the Near logo:

20.680 views on the ticket sales website:

Data from NEAR Promo Instagram Post:

Data from Instagram from last month, multiples posts with NEAR logos appearing

700 Eco Cups Printed with the NEAR logo

Promo Form -

We are doing for the first time a campaign that aims at a broad audience. Wich people are not familiar with the crypto universe. Among groups and comments, we had super positive responses, about being the first time they saw projects using NTFs with effects out of the internet and in the “real world”, but because of some misunderstandings of the general concepts we had some struggle with people who see the “criptoverse” as something suspicious or a ponzi scheme.

To better understanding how our community is familiarized with this universe, we asked some questions in our promotion form:

Are you familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies?

Do you own or have ever owned any cripto?

Do you know what is a NFT?

Do you own any NFT?

Onboard -

Through a small PDF, we had 41 complete processes in our Promotion. We understand that Blockchain is a long-term process and we want to work to continue to develop our audience’s familiarity with the possibilities of technology and helping to educate and familiarize our audience with NEAR tools.

It was a long process to get each neardrop.io link individually, since each person needs to be given a unique link. A possibility to send emails directly from within the neardrop would be very useful.

NFT Drop -

For the NFT we made the art of a sad pierrot, a traditional character in the carnival of rio de janeiro, in honor of this difficult and special moment in the world and in Brazil.

We wasn’t able to mint multiple accounts within paras.id , doing it manually took a lot of time. But it seems that through https://satori.art/ we will have more options to run campaigns in the future.

Future Steps -

We want to keep increasing the NEAR user base within our COMMUNITY. In order to be able to offer exclusive services to the holders of our NFTs. We aiming to create a collectible economy with them.

For this to be possible, we need to develop practical and intuitive interface tools for our applications.

A feature that we want to study and apply is to have a website and special real life events that are only available to holders of our NFTs, 1 or multiples. It seems that something is being developed in this direction here GitHub - jilt/varda-vault we want to dig deeper into the studies to see how to put it into practice.

Our desire is to find partnerships within the Near ecosystem that help us to develop and implement these applications, which we imagine can serve a large number of similar projects.


QualDAO Council Board:


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