[APPROVED] May 2022 - Budget for blockchain/events interactions V2 - QualDAO - TheClanGuild

We simplified our proposal for the month of May with only the “Gruta” event.

Initially, We would like to thank @David_NEAR for the trust and @Dacha response to our first proposal:

To continue the blockchain/events interactions we want to keep bringing people from our community to the NEAR ecosystem, through yet another new campaign on our social media, involving research and the reward of an airdrop of our tickets as collectibles NFT. We believe that by growing organically with a local base of Near users, we can soon develop exclusive content, promotions, and content for these holders, thus creating an active user base and an economy of our own around the ownership of these NFTs.

For this phase - we choose “Gruta” event to promote this action:

GRUTA - TBA - A 6-year-old downtempo music party and e-community that we created around a group of 3 thousand users on Facebook
Gruta | Facebook / Login • Instagram

NEAR would be getting the following list of deliverables:

Onboard 100 ppl to Near Protocol Network (on each event)
Name & Logo on social media handles.
Customized Story.
An exclusive short video(s) on our social media handles.
Watermark on social media posts.
Promotion during our Social Campaigns.
Responses from surveys we do with our community.
Gifts and direct marketing actions with souvenirs of the event with the near protocol logo(ex. eco friendly cups for the events)
At least 60k impressions on the social media instagram + logo on the ticketing service.

We are happy to announce that we are working with one developer on the team, @dbmenezes, who is finishing the Near training course and with it, we want to launch the first application that will be a Landpage with access only available to holders of our NFTs (NFT Gated). We also gained access to the satori.art beta where we will be able to participate in the first tests to achieve a more dynamic and objective onboard and Nft Drop process.

We imagine QUALDAO as a creative studio for the development of blockchain solutions for events and brands, and creating a Brazilian nightlife community will be called the “Party Holders” Project. Where we will make explanatory content, about Near, about what it is to be a holder, NFTs collecting, aimed at an audience that still has little exposure to the crypto universe. Based on the result of our research on the first report:


[ REPORT ] (https://gov.near.org/t/report-jan-2022-budget-for-blockchain-events-interactions-v1-qualdao-theclanguild/16378)

For this to happen we are asking:

1.Gruta - Onboard and Drop

Onboard Targeting 100 people 0.5 x 100 = 50 NEAR
Gas for the campaign options - 10 Near
Graphic Arts and NFT Mint - 200 USD
Marketing Content Production - 800 USD
(Included direct marketing actions, management and production of the souvenirs with near protocol logo to be distributed on the event)
Project Management / Surveys - 180 USD
Gruta Counterpart ( we create a survey/promo in exchange for a ticket entry, we want to give back the price of a ticket as a counterpart to each event for the Near brand as a partner exhibition) 800 USD

2.Landpage - NFT Gated

Design - 200 USD
Dev - 300 USD
Texts - 100 USD
Hosting - Pinata Server : 20 USD month - 3 months plan - 60 USD
Domain.io (godaddy) 60 USD

Council Work - 300 USD

Next steps and dreams:
Create exclusive events for our community’s NFTs holders
Develop or help make a POAP (proof of attendance protocol) on Near Blockchain a reality
Continue studying, developing, and sharing solutions for projects within the Near community
Discover a way to make a bar, entries, and all operations of an event through the blockchain

Funding scheme: One-time

Total 3000 USD(projects) + 60Near (onboard+gas)
Total Near at the time of posting - 310 Near

Target Kyc Wallet: brunoqual.near


Council Board:


In advance , many thanks for the trust and the space/support to propose disruptive ideas with direct impact IRL.
Looking forward to keep spreading the near protocol word and the tokenization of the Brazilian raver community.


Can you elaborate on a few items:

Marketing Content Production $800:
What exactly does this mean?

Manie Dansante Counterpart
What type of survey? Is it a google form? Is the purpose of the survey to collect the participant’s Near Wallet Address?

Gruta Counterpart
What exactly does this mean?

4. Exclusive Content for Our Community
Design $300
Texts $100
Is this part of the website or social media or something else?

Council Work - $800?
What does this mean?

Can you put all of your pricing in USD- it’s currently mixed with Near.


Hey @Klint , thanks for the questions.

Marketing Content Production $800:

Whant exactly does this mean?

Our idea its to produce souvenirs given to the audience of the event that we are supporting with near, with near protocol Logo’s For example: in our first action we produced/printed 700 (eco-friendly cups) for the drinks of the event the party and gave for the audience, this is wasn’t included in our first proposal but we made because we felt that could be interesting to give the audience some physical “memories” with the near protocol signature) in this case each printed echo-friendly cup costs around 0,65 Usd + the graphic arts + logistics. This budget also covers the video footage of the actions on the event.

We are proposing to display the Near brand in different ways within an event of 2000 people in the city of Rio de Janeiro that has been taking place for 10 years and using all its networks to announce this partnership and the desire to be developing solutions together with a long term mindset.
We think it’s fair that the event as a whole has a counterpart for these exhibitions of the near brand and the work of engaging the public that accompanies us in the blockchain universe through near.

*Manie Dansante Counterpart

What type of survey? Is it a google form? Is the purpose of the survey to collect the participant’s Near Wallet Address?

Besides collecting the Near Wallet address, using the google form. We are using the onboarding process also to investigate the acknowledgment of our community to the blockchain/crypto-verse to guide us in the creation of informational content about these ideas and the application IRL

Gruta Counterpart

What exactly does this mean?
It’s the way to payback the events in exchange for the tickets that they are offering for this actions.

We are using the cultural, independent, and relevant local music events as a bridge to get more members to near protocol and the crypto world in general. Projects involving marginal artists, performances and live acts like Gruta. We believe that working with projects with some strong community beliefs is the easiest way to build a strong and healthy NFT community on the crypto-verse.

Gruta it’s a 6-year-old label/party downtempo music-focused and e-community created in Rio de Janeiro with a group of 3k users on Facebook from different parts of the globe. The group it’s used to by the community to promote new artists’ labels and events and it will release your first event after the pandemic by the 14th of may.

4. Exclusive Content for Our Community

Design $300

Texts $100

Is this part of the website or social media or something else?

Creating Content for the website, social media, including instagram and a newsletter

"Where we will make explanatory content, about Near, about what it is to be a holder, NFTs collecting, aimed at an audience that still has little exposure to the crypto universe. "

Council Work - $800?

What does this mean?

We propose 2 months of a lot of work that need to be coordinated in many stages and be perfectly aligned, we imagine a value for supervision, to monitor and record all processes in the best possible way.

Can you put all of your pricing in USD- it’s currently mixed with Near.

All the prices are in USD, the only values in Near are onboard and Gas. which will not change regardless of the current Near price


Good evening, would be great to see information about Near protocol here

and more stories / posts about dApps for artists and musicians (Paras, Mintbase, https://amplify.art/ , https://www.mintingmusic.com/ , https://www.tamastream.io/ ) Try to reach them out about collaborations as well .

Happy to support your proposal. Thanks


Hi @Dacha , Thanks for the reply.
We have already provided the highlight of Near on Manie Dansante’s Instagram,

We are also preparing the material to highlight the Gruta.

And yes, we are working to bring the artistic content of our collectives to the Near platforms. I enjoyed meeting tamastream.io and amplify.art , which was not on our radar yet. We were excited by the idea of ​​thinking about collaborations as well.

Thank you for your support
We await the approval of the proposal


Thank You and have a great day


Any more comments? can we consider this proposal approved? we have already linked the Near logo in the publicity arts of our first action, we are just waiting for the approval and budget release to carry out the onboard process :wink:


thanks in advance


Hi @Dacha, @Klint and @David_NEAR. Do you think that we redo this proposal in a more simplified way or do we wait a little longer to find out if it will be approved or rejected?



@brunoqual thanks for your proposal.

Every proposal needs the support of a majority of the Marketing DAO council before you can submit it to Astro.


For this proposal, it looks like one of the proposed event dates has passed? Can you clarify that and how that affects your proposed funding request?

I do think a simplified proposal to start would be better and then perhaps increasing complexity and funding requests after an initial event and report.


Thanks for the answers @so608 :

The first event has passed, and the next one will be on 2 weeks.
But anyway for the first event, we delivered and promoted and linked the Near logo in the publicity arts of the event, we also have produced/printed the eco 700 (eco-friendly cups) with near protocol logo. (we can detail all this process on a report after the approval)
Still possible to do the onboarding process and the NFTs dropping for the attendees as we are proposing, we have a e-mail list of all of them.

Actually this one is our second proposal, the report of our first proposal you can see on the link, photos, spreadsheets and numbers:

Anyway, we can propose a simpler version of our idea, we just want to know how is the best way to fit on your needs. It Was an amazing experience to start the work for Near on January and we really want to keep spreading the CriptoVerse and Near Protocol on our community.

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Thanks for your replies – looking forward to getting this to a resolution. One more question for you – does the new timeline for funding affect what’s requested in the proposal? Can you confirm whether you still need to current funds based on what you plan to accomplish with this project? If there are any changes, can you update the proposal? Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback @Klint , @cryptocredit and @so608 !

We simplified our proposal for only the month of May with the “Gruta” event

We hope to be approved now, and we will write with more time for exchanges in the following proposal.

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Thank you for the update @brunoqual – happy to support this and look forward to seeing how it goes!

You need one more council member’s support for this to move to approved… @marketingdao-council


thanks for your support!

Hi Lorraine, thanks for your support. I decided to update the proposal for only the “Gruta” event that happens in 15 days. We have time enough for the deliverables proposed but would be nice to have this confirmation soon, to produce everything on time.

We delivered some of the first proposals at the Manie Dansante event in May without funding. But we thought it would be simpler at the moment to ignore this. In the next proposals, we will try to have more margin time.

: )

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Hi @brunoqual I see that you have responded to the comments made by fellow council members @Dacha and @so608 and I am happy to support your proposal.

I have now moved this to Approve and you are free to make a Poll on Astro.


Thanks @cryptocredit ! Happy to be able to continue the work !

here is the link to the poll: