Report [Increasing number of wallets/users in Goa and eventually in Indian Metro Cities]

I’m quite happy to say that along with Goa DAO’s team help we opened 50 wallets from my account and 10 wallets from Goa DAO wallet’s account. Total 60 wallets in an event of 80-90 people.

What all was done by the team

  • Opening wallets at ticketing area via Nearnames
  • Documenting all the names on the excel sheet attached
  • Providing assistance in opening account,
  • Educating on how to log in and save seed phrase.
  • Educating on how to transfer funds,
  • Educating on where to check NFTs on the wallet
  • Assisting with their first transaction to buy something from the restaurant area

Few 2-3 hours meetings prior to the event and 5 hours at the event.

What can be done better

  • Making the process seamless by having 3 people registering using nearnames and 3 people providing assistance. We noticed a lot of people sometimes came in big numbers and the entire space gets crowded with only one laptop doing the registering. People could start to lose interest in knowing about the process as its a new learning for them.

  • Add better branding - Even though the standees and print outs are good, branding can be done in more creative ways. For next event, I’d like to hire laser team that can 3D map logo of near in a funky manner on some object in the event, like a tree or a rock or some artwork, Please find the example below.
    Login • Instagram
    Login • Instagram

  • Airdrop photos and videos of the event to the newly opened wallets. I feel it’s important to create some form of emotional connect as just airdropping event image wouldn’t really make them go to the wallet repeatedly, however exclusive images and videos of the events can definitely make them visit the wallet more often to show their friends their NFTs and moments from the event. This will also help them get accustomed to using the wallet which increases the likability of them using near wallet more.

  • Try a bigger size of event with more people to get more users on-boarded and NEAR wallet educated and to get an understanding of things that worked for us and things that didn’t so we can keep smoothly on-boarding larger audiences while solving technical issues and unseen areas of better marketing for NEAR.

Attaching the excel sheet for you perusal that has all the wallets created

The ones with no markings are activated by sahilmassey.near
The ones marked in green were activated by Goa DAO.

One error is marked in red where the wallet holder lost his seed phrase bestgoatime.near.
So a new account was created for him - realbestgoatime.near

From a qualitative point of view, 90% people were quite excited to get a new wallet, discount to buy a drink and to know that they will get an NFT airdrop. They wanted to know more about what is NEAR protocol and basic questions about what the protocol does.

Please let me know if this makes sense and if you’d like me to add anything more.

@Dacha @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors



Hello @Cryptonaut and @johanga

I appreciated it, great job!
I liked your idea about airdrop photos (probably like nft) to new wallets to engage more using NearProtocol.


I’m just drafting a new proposal which I feel will help us grow faster in India.
Inputs, guidance and appreciation are always welcome :smile: