[Approved] Mass Adoption @ Seoul, August 2022 (Magic Onboarding)

The month of August is packed with incredible events and conferences in Seoul, South Korea. The NEAR and Aurora Core teams are descending on the city to host a range talks, workshops and events and we are activating and growing the local NEAR community.

This is a simple proposal to fund an onboarding and awareness campaign aims to differentiate NEAR as a fast, cheap, and scalable Layer 1 with a unique focus on User Experience .

The events
DSRV Web 3 Summer Hacker House - 1-3 August
Asia BUIDL - 4-5 August
ETH Seoul
Korea Blockchain Week
Full list of all KBW Side events
Connecting Chains, NEAR event during KBW


  1. To get us closer to 1 Billion users by;
  2. Onboarding top tier developers from other ecosystems; giving them a new understanding and appreciation of NEAR tech stack by;
  3. Creating unique, smooth and fun onboarding flow that highlights how NEAR is able to create seamless User Experiences that can match Web 2 applications
  4. Cross-pollination: to give visibility to as many aspects of the NEAR tech stack and projects in the ecosystem as possible, creating synergies for growth

Magic Moments - The Perfect Onboarding Experience
A magic moment is when a user reaches a certain threshold of familiarity, investment, excitement, utility, or other experience that makes them come back to the platform, becoming active users.

To onboard people to Web 3 we must meet users where they are, removing all barriers of access. For these events I’m leveraging the extremely powerful and under-utilised Satori Creator Studiowhich enable anyone to create:

  • Collections (Seoul 2022)
  • NFT Series (DSRV Hacker House, Asia BUIDL)
  • Campaigns (QR code associated w each)

Campaign provide you with analytics including a csv file w all accounts created, and a check-in page with a simple QR and Auth code that refreshes every 30 seconds

The magic flow is to get complete strangers to the NEAR protocol to set up their wallet, including choosing their account name . near, and claim the NFT in less than one minute . Fully onboarded, no costs, no downloads.

Highlights - all transactions are prepaid and there is an automatic flow that keeps prompting user to the next stage and approving.

Notes - Proof of Attendance and Participation (POAP) NFTs are GREAT as they represent a digital memory. It doesn’t have to be fancy (I am making these myself, they are certainly no fine art) but they are special just y virtue of you being at the event. It creates a special bond among attendees. I’m starting to think of these POAPs as stamps on a passport. I’d also like to explore special perks say, for people who attention Blockchain Week Korea and also make their way to Nearcon.

Seoul Mass Adoption Proposal

  1. Create 4 POAPs Series for one of the 4 main events (Max. 100 per series, if there is mad demand perhaps issue a Second Edition of the same series)
  2. Walk around connecting w people with laptop in hand, QR code in full display - curiosity always draws people in
  3. Onboard people. This is also a brilliant opportunity to explain NEAR’s account model and permissions system, the ability to swap out private keys, and ‘why this makes me bullish for mass adoption’. As they have the proof in their hands,
  4. Send some NEAR to these newly created wallets. Why? Satori prepays the wallet creation and NFT distribution. However, as these wallets have 0 NEAR, they are kind of stuck if they want to explore the rest of NEAR ecosystem. Seeding a new wallet (of they want to onboard a friends afterwards for instance) costs 0.1 NEAR. Logging into any NEAR app requires at least 0.25 NEAR to pre-authorise some transactions.
    4.1 Use Nearsend to easily upload CSV file and distribute the NEAR to the wallets from these campaign (Ecosystem and tool cross-pollination #2)
  5. Approve an additional discretionary fund for community engagement. Create hype on socials for people to vote on which token to buy and airdrop to these new people joining ecosystem (Ecosystem cross-pollination opportunities # ~ The project token on the wallet is like a little billboard to give visibility and brand awareness)
    5.1 The discretionary fund could also vote on which NFT series to Buy NFTs from to raffle to these newcomers (Ecosystem cross-pollination opportunities # ~ increasing transaction volume on NFTs on NEAR, revitalising those communities, encouraging these new onboards to remain active to potentially earn the NFT, etc.)

Traction so Far
It’s been three VERY long days after a VERY long journey here (30+ hours travel). However, the reaction I get from people as they go through the magical onboarding experience is a drug I am getting addicted to. Why hasn’t this been done before and why aren’t we doing more of it? People are literally blown away, some go into a mild crisis as they start to question and worry about how much time they’ve spent building in other ecosystems that now they realise may not be as good. In particular, I’ve been impressed at seeing core developers from other teams enjoy and embrace the technology. The future is multi-chain and we want more amazing teams out there to know how they can leverage the NEAR Stack

So far we have created 69 new wallets (onboarded new builders) and 72 NFTs. The pace of distribution is increasing - I’m getting better with the pitch, gaining confidence, people are starting to bring their friends to get POAPs too. Each day for the next 10 days is going to be bigger than the previous one. LFG

Also getting some solid traction + visibility on social media:


  1. 100 POAP NFTs (Wallets) x 4 Series x 0.5 NEAR = 200 NEAR
  2. Discretionary Community Engagement Fund (Tokens + NFTs) = $500 (Optional)
  3. Cost of creating Collection on Satori (‘Seoul 2022’) - 5 NEAR
  4. Cost of creating NFT Series on Satori 5 NEAR x 4 - 20 NEAR
  5. Cost of creating Campaign on Satori 1 NEAR x 5 - 5 NEAR
  6. Other operational and admin cost (AVB - creating POAP, on the ground shilling, explaining, entertaining, onboarding) - $1500
    Total - 230 NEAR + $2000

Note - cost of attending events ($100 ticket Asia Buidl, $300 early bird ticket to KBW, $3000+ flights and accomodation, etc. have already been covered by me).


  • Number of wallets created within this highly targeted, high value user group
  • Engagement and visibility on social media; bring attention to NEAR tech stack beyond just the people being onboarded
  • The number of projects and tools within NEAR ecosystem we are able to cross-promote and elevate
  • The number of community groups + event organisers moving to adopt this Magic Onboarding POAP drop as the standard for all events (I’m happy to assist teams w this if needed).

That Number of NEAR Accounts created :eyes::sweat_smile:


What a timely coincidence, aye? I guess the Marketing Gods are on our side :wink:

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Great job, thank you.

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Guys, @agungdjs @Elma I think this is a good example and should be applied similarly when executing offline events!

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in case your Asian onboarding trip has a window, would be amazing to perform the same magic with you here in India (Goa) as well :blush:
12-14 August


Bravo on the angle and the metrics on this one.

These are definitely the types of people we need to engage and onboard.

You have my support.


Sir can you elaborate this?


Great to see you have developed and are testing a new onboarding tool.
I am happy to support and will move to Approved.