[REPORT in Progress] How to Design a Character - video lessons

The production of the videos is currently in the phase of creating the script for the classes, in which I am pointing out the main topics to be addressed and which of these topics will be in the first video and the second.

I’m reading and separating some quotes from the books that I use as a basis for the course. The books “Story”, by Robert McKee and “Words for pictures”, by Brian Michael Bendis, will be mentioned in the part of creating the world where the character lives, his history and personality. While “Making Comics”, by Scott McCloud, will be used more when we design the characters, thinking about how to convey their inner characteristics in a visual way through their anatomy, poses and clothes.

In addition to using these books as a reference for creation, I am also using some techniques from role-playing games to facilitate character design, creating some questions that workshop participants can answer and thus developing their character while attending classes. I also chose some images that I will use in class to exemplify some of the main topics.

After this phase, I will record the videos and then send them to the person who will edit them, so that they can be uploaded to our youtube channel.

The project can be seen at this link:
How to Design a Character - video lessons


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