Greeting Everyone

We present our new DAO built from our community to discuss, produce, present workshops and encounters, along with stories and material dedicated to comics books and their universe.

Council Board:

@duOCELOT - illustrator, designer, and concept creator

@Akira - art teacher, illustrator, and comics creator

Phabio Pio - comics creator and concept artist

@Bazzarian01 - designer and concept artist

Leandro Amaral - screenwriter and comics creator

Benson Chin - comics creator, illustrator, designer, and concept creator

@johandson - comics creator and animator

The Comics DAO will promote discussions and proposals develop materials like:

  • creating NFTs
  • Comics Collections
  • Collectibles Series
  • Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • conduct AMAs with professionals of the scene
  • produce events to spread the web3 and NEAR at the comic books community
  • A monthly digital magazine filled with information, entertainment, and superb illustrations

Our goal is to spread the web3, NEAR, and its concepts and values throughout the community around comics. Other activities may appear over the year.

Roadmap for 2022:

Q1: set up the DAO and present proposal for the first edition of the magazine ( still unlabeled ) to be released the following month ( April )

Q2: 4 editions of the monthly magazine

workshops and tutorials production

Collectibles Series creation

Q3: 4 editions of the monthly magazine


workshops and tutorials production

Q4: 4 editions of the monthly magazine

IRL event to discuss and present the web3 environment to the comics community


workshops and tutorial production

Please meet us at our community group at Telegram

We will set up Twitter, Instagram, and other social media soon.


To participate at the council by invitation and agreement of the majority of the council board.

The community will be open to everyone interested in different matters in the comic books universe.

Our DAO link:


DAO Wallet: comics.sputnik-dao.near

NEAR WALLET: comicbooks.near

Best regards,

The Comic Books Council Board


SHOW! Congratulations! I like the comics too much :heart_eyes: :star_struck:



@creativesdao-mods can we have a tag for our daos? this will be comicsdao

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On it, You got it! :slight_smile:


^^ thank you. Just a lil detail, instead of cosmicsdao its comicsdao. We can just create it?

Just did it. Thank u so much.

Nomade Label has @alinedaka on HQ drawings
Im just tagging to maybe you guys can work together

Aline, esse é um outro coletivo(como o nosso) mas focado em comics :slight_smile:
Fica ligado com elus que pode rolar umas connections



It’s my pleasure! *experimental comics and nomade labels characters <3


Babadeira!!! I want to ble closer to it! :wink:

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Oi @alinedaka vc quem fez as HQs com o Antonio Pietroforte, ne. Legal q está aqui tb


Oi Akira, sim! Você também desenhou um roteiro dele, né? :sunflower: