Good Day Fam, Here is Our Hype Battle Report For the Month Of July.

Hype Battle is Here

Hype Battle #3 Theme/Concept:
Turn Your Favorite disney Character Into Villain
Hype Battle #3 Turn Your Favorite Disney Character Into Villain
Hype Battle #4 Theme/Concept:
The Life of an Artist In Metaverse
Hype Battle #4 The Life Of An Artist In Metaverse

Hype battle #3 & #4 is Over and again we are preparing For the Next Hype Battle the #5 & #6.

We also Featuring All Hype Battle Entries in Hype Dao Twitter Account and Also uploading reels on Hype Dao Instagram Account.

Hype Battle #3 Thread (Featured Arts)

Hype Battle #4 Thread (Featured Arts)

Instagram Reels:
Instagram Reels Hype Battle 3

Instagram Reels Hype Battle #4

**We also announce to all Hype Battle artists that Hype Dao Store is now Open and Participants Can mint Their entries to The Store.
We will also create 3xr gallery and will help to promote the art on all our social media!
And Hype special Token will be back soon For all Hype battle winners.

Here also our quick View of Hype Battle #1 & #2 Report.
Hype Battle #1 &#2 Report

Proposal Overview Of Hype Battle #5 & #6