HypeDAO July 2022 Activity Report (in Progress)

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July Monthly Report

Project Name: Hype DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:


Balance: current account balance 16.5203 N, 568.2063 USN


JUNE ACTIVITY REPORT [REPORT] HypeDAO June 2022 Activity Report



Hype Battle: The quantity and quality of artists continues to increase!

Twitter Spaces: [PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Twitter Spaces July 2022 - #5 by kodandi

Bring a Friend to NEAR Onboarding: (ongoing from June budget) The Satori.art and Neardrop accounts cost a bit more than budgeted, but we had some extra funds in the treasury left from twitter spaces co-host funds that were not used. The project continues and we are hoping to partner with Onboarding DAO to extend our outreach.

Medium Blog: (ongoing from June budget) One blog commissioned, but not yet paid out or posted. Will update in the proposal thread as the blogs are posted.

Mintbase Store: (ongoing from june budget) store opened but gorilla shops not yet completed hype.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

HYPE Token Utility Research: We are currently focusing on how to add HYPE tokens to the Hype Battle reward structure and how the tokens can be redeemed for promotions on twitter and instagram

Highlights: July was a month that almost all our council members needed to spend more time focusing on their home and personal lives so DAO projects moved slowly.

Social Media growth:

How many community members participated in the activities: 200+

How many community members were rewarded: 3

Accounting (Still to be paid out/Already paid out): To be paid out: 2 blogs, gorilla shops set up, hype battle 4. Already paid out: July Twitter spaces host and Kodandi’s July council administration funds.

Social media accounts:

Twitter: twitter.com/hypedao

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @hypedao

Discord HypeDAO

Instagram: http://instagram.com/hypedao

Mission: HypeDAO is an international artist guild, using web3 technology to bring creative minds together across cultures.

Vision: HypeDAO supports creative growth and development of individual artists through art competitions, promotes the work and projects of small NEAR NFT artists and platforms, and has plans to expand into metaverse art shows, physical gallery shows, producing educational events and material, onboarding artists and collectors, and expanding our reach into the art and tech community.

Roadmap: HypeDAO has plans to expand the utility of the social token, host metaverse art shows and physical gallery shows, network in the art and tech community outside of NEAR, produce workshops and blogs with educational material about NFT promotion and tech how-tos from community members, promote the Hype Battle art competition to a wider audience.


July funding received so projects and payouts will continue!


Will add this Here also.

Hype Battle #3 & #4 Report

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