[REPORT] Hype Battle #5 & #6 Monthly Report

Hello Near Fam, Here is Hype Battle Report for Art Challenge #5 and #6.

As you can see that We Experience delays and new Schedules of Proposals and Deadlines Every month thats why some of the battles are late on the Expected month to be hosted.

Here are some of the Screenshots and Links Of our Hype battles already Closed from the Month of August.

Here is the Bounty For Hype Battle #5
Hype Battle #5 Thread

And the Ongoing Bounty of Hype Battle #6.
Hype Battle #6 x Collaboration with Marma J Foundation.

Here are the winners Of Hype battle #5

And Hype Dao x marma J foundations Collab.

We also have Minted Nfts on Hype Dao Store from Past Battles, once we have More minted arts we will create 3xr galleries out of it. And also we are excited with the Marma J Collaboration, Marmaj DAO will be partnering with 3xr to collect the artwork as a NFT Gallery.

Here are Some Tweets and threads Posted on Hype Dao Twitter page.

Hype Battle Announcing the Bounty.
Featuring All Hype Battle #5 Entries

Hype Battle #5 Announcing of winners

Hype Battle #6 Tweet.

After The Hype Battle #6 we are going to start the #7 and #8.
Hype Battle #9 & #10 is for the Month Of september.

And last we are also sending Hype Token To All the participants and Artist who share wips,sketches and joining in spaces. Here are some of the Proof on it saved as GIF.


Instagram Reels:

Thank You Creatives.
Ligaya :heart: