[PROPOSAL OVERVIEW] Hype Battle #7 and #8 Month Of August

Hello again NEAR.

Hype Dao Is a Community Guild of Artist And Developers Making Art and Tools In Near Protocol.
And Hype Dao Hosting a Weekly Event where Artist Can share their Talents to the Community.

Here is Our July Report For Hype Battle #3 & #4.
Hype Battle #3 & #4 REPORT

We are about to start the Next Battle in Few Days
Which is The 5th and 6th.

For this Proposal we are writing the Hype battle #7 & #8 overview for The Coverage of Month Of august.

For this Month Of August we would like to budget for:

Prize total of 440 for the winners in the battle

Because Of Prize Fluctuation of Near we Swap the Near Tokens We recieved everymonth into Dai/USN, so Prize and funds is not affected.

Total: $220 x 2 ($440)

Graphic design And Creating Banners/Flyers And All related To Arts Used For Hype Battles.
Vedio Editing Related To Hype Battle.
All Banners and Reels will Be posted In Near Forum and Twitter Account.

Total -$790