[report] gambiarra dao funding for june 2022

[REPORT] - Gambiarra DAO Funding for JUN 2022


DAO/Council Members





*Total Requested Funding Amount: 5.000 DAI


What we proposed in JUNE:


See below what we have accomplished in JUNE:

  1. [REPORT] The Blockchat - Near Friendly Talks June - 500 DAI

  2. [REPORT] BACK TO 80’s

  3. [REPORT] MintbaseSunday 7th edition - Macieira 500 USD

  4. [REPORT] Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events in June - 500 USD

  5. [REPORT] Green Exhibition - Cleusa - 500 USD

  6. [REPORT] METATRONIC V - Isa Danoninho - 500 USD

  7. [REPORT] Brazilian Music at NEAR 2º ED partnership Gambiarra Octópode DAO - Carlos Couto - 500 USD

  8. Council Work

Each of our council members will receive the amount of 500 USD making a total of 1500 USD.

Financial Movements

Last month we continue doing the payout right when we received the funds from NEAR. We trusted in our proposers and the trust exercise worked very well.

Missing the Marketing work

This month until today we didn’t receive the payout of the marketing work however, the marketing team continued to work so that Gambiarra DAO would not be left without any promotion of its events.

Updated Projects Timeline

The movement of the projects was much higher than the previous months, in terms of the number of Near’s NFTs minted especially for the projects and also in terms of the artists’ participation and visitation, as for example the Back to 80’s Exhibition whose Metatronic party with the same theme, featuring Rotciv, an important Berlin DJ, took almost 300 people on that date, which can be seen in the reports.

Highlights and Metrics

Confirming what we said above, we performed four exhibitions that totalize 69 (sixty nine) NFTs exhibited , representing a 70% increase over last month.

In May (observed in 6/1) we had:

9.163 Minted

195 Minters

393 Owners

869 Mints

In June (observed in 7/2) we had a significant increase:

10.003 Minted

197 Minters

447 Owners

1.140 Mints

Interesting to observe that we had only two new minters but the increase in the amount of minted and mints was very significant, as was the increase in owners, indicating a significant growth in the number of sales at the store. Not surprisingly, Gambiarra Store is once again in the list of Mintbase’s Top Stores.

Another highlight of the month was our participation in a Workshop in Portugal, at the Lisbon Innovation Center.

Councils Work

We created an automated spreadsheet to organize the proposals and funds received by the NF.

We concluded our roadmapping.

Started our organization to self sustainability.

Working writing the reports, creating the polls, voting to forward payments, helping the artists, including help with the problem with Binance and withdrawals of money to Brazil.


We are learning to organize the DAO and the projects better, and that we should more and more create partnerships with other friendly DAOs in order to make bigger projects and bring more opportunities to the community.

We continue to do our work organized in folders/files that can help future members and consuls in Gambiarra.

Next Steps

Search for our self-sustainability:

Seek partnerships with physical galleries for in-person exhibitions connected to our gallery on Voxels.

Charge a 10% royalty.