[REPORT] Gambiarra Dao Funding for July 2022

[REPORT] - Gambiarra DAO Financing for July 2022


DAO/Council Members




Target: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near-304

*Total amount of financing requested: 5.000 DAI


What we proposed in JULY: [APROVED] Gambiarra Dao Funding for July 2022

See below what we accomplished in JULY:

[REPORT] Mintbase Sunday 8th Edition
[REPORT] Curatorial proposal for artistic events at Gambiarra 22 of July
[REPORT] The BlockChat July 2022 -
[REPORT] An Expression of Art - You and Rock’n Roll
[REPORT] My Favorite Place
[REPORT] Metatronic VI
[REPORT] Gambiarra Collection
Council Work
Each of our council members will receive the amount of 500 USD, for a total of 1500 USD.

Financial Movements

At the moment, due to the delay in payments from near, we have not yet received the value of the projects and consequently the service providers are waiting to be paid for the work done according to the proposals presented, approved and exposed in the final report.

Marketing Work

This month the marketing opted to leave the payment of the July proposal for the August proposal due to the delay of the July payment, however even so the marketing team continued to work so that Gambiarra DAO would not be without any promotion of their events.

Updated Project Schedule

The movement of the projects was much greater than in previous months, in terms of the number of NFT’s Near minted especially for the projects and also in terms of the participation and visitation of the artists, as for example the project ‘‘Metatronic’’ which had a number of 138 visitors at the party. Also this month dao made a partnership with Decentraland Brazil where our exhibition the ‘‘Gambiarra Collection’’ took place along with a lecture by Kenneth Correa can be checked in the report link and the print below.

Highlights and Metrics

Confirming what we said above, we held four exhibitions totaling sixty-nine (69) NFT exhibits, representing a 70% increase over last month.

In June (noted 6/1), we had:

10,003 Coined

197 Minters

447 Owners

1.140 Mints

In July (observed on 7/2) we had a significant increase:

10.793 Brother-in-law

197 Minters

469 Owners

1.200 Mints

We had the increase in the amount of mints and mints which was very significant, as was the increase in owners, indicating a significant growth in the number of sales in the store. Not surprisingly, the Gambiarra Store is back on Mintbase’s Top Stores list being the only dao that has stayed on this chart compared to last month. This month Gambiarra is still in the spotlight and the other highlights are from different daos than last month

In July we participated in the ‘‘Mintbase Sunday collection’’ project, invited by Mintbase and displayed at Voxels in the Mintbase space. The project was presented in the “twitter space” in a chat with Maria from Mintbase and Macieira and Isa Danoninho from Gambiarra talking about the project to the Brazilian community where it can have a greater reach disseminating the work done.

Working Council

We continue to refine the automated spreadsheet for organizing proposals and funds received by Near Foundation.

We have completed our roadmapping and it is about to be approved by the DAO.

We continue our organization for self-sustainability.

We are working on writing the reports, creating the polls, voting to forward the payments, helping the artists within the community, including helping with the Binance problem and raising money for Brazil.


We are learning how to better organize the DAO and projects, and that we should increasingly create partnerships with other friendly DAOs in order to do bigger projects and bring more opportunities to the community.

We continue to do our work organized in folders/sheets that can help future members and consuls in Gambiarra.

Next Steps

Look for ways for Gambiarra projects to become self-sustaining:

The dao introduction is being updated by the councilors and being discussed and refined in meeting with members at weekly dao meetings.

Seek partnerships with physical galleries for in-person exhibitions linked to our gallery in Voxels.

Charge a 10% royalty for each work minted through the DAO store.


July also saw the end of the term of council member Ghini. In a collective vote Carlos Escouto was chosen as the new DAO councilor. By personal decision, Ghini is no longer part of the DAO. In a vote proposed by herself in the astro, she asked not to be part of the DAO anymore.