[APPROVED] - gambiarra dao funding for july 2022



Project Status: Proposal

DAO/Council Members




Destination address: gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000 USD in Near/DAI

Funding Period: July / 2022

Our Introduction: [Introduction] Gambiarra DAO

Objective: The main objective of this set of projects is to continue Gambiarra’s work and to build Gambiarra, NEAR, and Mintbase presence and visibility on Brazilian NFTworld, by thematic exhibitions, courses, tutorials, experimental art, and marketing materials in Portuguese and hopefully soon, also in english. Our intention is that the Brazilian visual art community get to know GAMBIARRA and get into NEAR blockchain through our gallery on Mintbase. And for this, we are building more and more awareness concerning our gallery, our classes, and our art which is the main objective of this set of projects.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this set of projects is precisely to grow a large collective of artists in the Internet media and in the eyes of their fellow artists, who can also work together. This kind of visibility is essential to a blockchain that needs to expand into visual arts and in the Brazilian NFT community, which is pretty large. Beyond being important to NEAR and to GAMBIARRA artists, these projects are also important to help the development of Mintbase in Brazil, which is an important NFT market in the NEAR, as we have also been producing tutorial videos in Portuguese about it and stimulating the minting scene there. Our set of projects is also important for the community as a whole, because it brings more rewards to the system, and therefore makes the community more in touch with the GAMBIARRA Community and the DAO.

Timeline: July 7th – 30st

The NEAR Protocol has seen so many activities and events arise within its ecosystem. This development can only be cognizant of the fact that the NEAR protocol is conveniently expanding and providing solutions for individuals within the web 3 ecosystem, such as our NFTs, our wallets and numerous DApps. We at the GAMBIARRA Guild/DAO have observed these developments for a while and have decided to contribute our quota in love and gratitude for the NEAR Protocol towards helping it expand conveniently in areas where it is seeking more engagement and traction, which is Brazilian Visual Arts on Mintbase NEAR.

In June we had the honor to have the following projects quoted on the report bellow:

Highlights and metrics of June:

We performed four exhibitions that totalized 69 (sixty nine) NFTs exhibited , representing a 70% increase over last month.

In May (observed in 6/1) we had:

9.163 Minted

195 Minters

393 Owners

869 Mints

In June (observed in 7/2) we had a significant increase:

10.003 Minted

197 Minters

447 Owners

1.140 Mints

Interesting to observe that we had only two new minters but the increase in the amount of minted and mints was very significant, as was the increase in owners, indicating a significant growth in the number of sales at the store. Not surprisingly, Gambiarra Store is once again in the list of Mintbase’s Top Stores.


1- “You and Rock’n Roll” Exhibition - 20 participants (still accepting registrations)

2- Mintbase Sunday 8th edition - 25 participants

3- Bounty My Fave Place - 15 participants

4- Gambiarra Collection - 10 participants

5- Gambiarra DAO Invites : Brazilian Music at Near 3nd edition - 8 direct participants

We also highlight that there will be one more floor in our gallery building at Voxels, to be used for the DAO events which is the second floor, used until now by FEMINU DAO, that will be moving to another space next to ours, allowing the whole building to be used by GAMBIARRA DAO.

Exactly because it is a relatively large store with 197 minters, Gambiarra for many months has been developing a work with the artists, made especially by @macieira so that they are participating in the exhibitions with new NFTs and this has given a very positive result. We believe this is an important step after doing all those onboarding because of the exhibition FEMINU. Taking care to follow up with these Nearcomers so that they remain active in the blockchain is of special importance for the whole ecosystem.

Find below the projects that the GAMBIARRA DAO has outlined to July:

  1. [PROPOSAL] Metatronic VI
  2. [Proposal] The BlockChat (July, 2022)
  3. [Proposal] [Bounty] My Fave Place
  4. [proposal] an expression of art– you and rock´n roll
  5. [Proposal] **Curating proposal for Gambiarra DAO art events in July 22**
  6. [PROPOSAL] MintbaseSunday 8th edition
  7. [PROPOSAL] Gambiarra Collection
  1. Council Work - Each of our council members will receive the amount of 500 USD making a total of 1.500 USD


70 NFTs as a result of the events

500 mints in the Gambiarra store

3 exhibitions in our Gallery at cryptovoxels

1 parties at cryptovoxels

1 more floor at our Gallery that will be renovated by our curator and meta-architect @Ghini

**The importance of supporting our artists is very precious to us.

In this sense, we ask for 5000 USD in Near/DAI so that we can support the community to keep growing, with projects that have monthly editions and projects that are unique, and happen only once.**

Let’s keep the movement

Greetings from Metaverse

Gambiarra DAO

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Love to all community


Hello Gambiarra Friends. Happy to inform that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.