[REPORT] fund request/ april - octópode


Board Members:




*Meta: octopode-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total amount claimed: 2000USD in NEAR

*Total Spent: 2000USD in NEAR

What we proposed:

What we accomplish:

1 [Proposal] Voxel Art and Metabuilding Workshop

2 [CONCLUDED - BOUNTY] We are looking for 12 Octopuses! Draw, collage or paint

3 [CONCLUDED] eight exhibition for octopode dao

4 Work of the Council. Meetings : We wrote the draft DAO Bylaws, rules of organization of our DAO, which may help us over the months to maintain commitment, accountability, and a compass for which we can always use to navigate our projects, create routes of activities that contemplate our 8 Tentacles which are the principles of our DAO.

Updated Project Schedule:


Some projects were delayed but were done in a timely manner within the month of April, and you can check the report of each one to see which ones were delayed, but for technical reasons.

Draft rules of procedure:

A- the meetings of the Octopod collective will be held weekly, every Monday at 20:00 / 23:00 (can be changed according to demand)

B - The member who has less than 50% attendance at meetings will be suspended for a period of 2 months.

C - A member who has voting attendance below 50% will be suspended from the membership for a period of 2 months.

D - 10% of the total amount received in creatives will be destined for a collective portfolio of dao (e.g.: proyectosociais.near) that will aim to choose every 3 months an institution / NGO / school outside the near network for donation that should be converted into (school supplies, hospital, hygiene, food …) the report should be delivered in the forum, and be presented the delivery of the donation on social networks (Instagram, facebook, twitter, discord, site …)

The value of 10% should be donated from each project/proposal and payment of council (example: voxel art workshop - 500 usd in near (10% of the value 50usd in near be destined to the portfolio projetossociais.near)

E - The return of the member in the DAO’s decision making will happen when the member has an attendance higher than 50% in the meetings.

F - Proposals sent by members must be sent until the 25th of each month to be considered, voted on by the members.

G - General request for Creatives must be made by the 30th of each month in the Forum.

H - The last meeting of the month will have as one of its agendas the presentation of the projects submitted for the next month and defense of the same by the members.

I- Each report must be presented on the 27th of each month, so that a general report can be made by the 29th.

J- All projects will be evaluated based on our 8 “tentacles”, principles that guide our work as DAO.

K- Projects/Proposals that have transversal themes are well received by DAO.

L- The Councilors rotate every 6 months. The mandate can be repeated for only one more consecutive time.

M- The payment of the councils will be before the 25th of each month. According to the agreement between the councils and dao members. It is entirely the responsibility of each council to manage their payments after receiving them, as well as to fulfill their assigned tasks.

In case of non-compliance with their work as a council, measures such as changing councils will be taken.

N - Payment of projects will be made during execution or after execution upon presentation of a report. It will be the proponent’s full responsibility to carry out his project with mastery, and to present a proper report before or after payment.

O - It is agreed that if the proposer does not execute the project after payment, he will be banned from sending projects to dao. In case he is a member or council, he will be banned for at least 3 months, but longer periods may be allowed.

Financial transactions: Payments made in Near, according to the quotation received of 2000 USD in near.

IT WILL BE CREATED in the month of MAY the DAO store and a collective portfolio that will be the responsibility of the councils.


Our bounty hit 1.4k views

We were invited to put Exhibition 8 on cryptovoxels at the venue given by @ghini curator and council of FEMINU DAO

We had more than 20 registrants in the bounty and our Cryptovoxels classes had the professor available in English and Portuguese simultaneously, which made it possible for people from @goadao to attend the classes.

Lessons learned: Having an internal rulebook makes us more organized and prepared for unforeseen events, as well as gives us a north on the compass, we can always check the rules and improve our work. In addition, it creates a common professionalism and commitment to the goals of the DAO by the members.

We realized how important it is to have bounties for the community to participate and have fun.

We saw how important it is to have a store for minting the works of the bounties and exhibitions so that the artwork gains diffusion, promotion, visualization and access in the NEAR.

We hit the nail on the head in having chosen 8 mega special values to guide our DAO, for, it creates identity of the DAO at NEAR and principles that will both be the identity of the DAO and will govern the projects it proposes and executes.

Next steps: Create the Dao store at mintbase, where future participants after trainings can coin their works. Create a bounty, an exhibition and classes for the month of May. And if possible activate the social networks more through

marketing dao funding.

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