[PROPOSAL] BeatDAO Musical Oasis YouTube Series

BeatDAO has engaged music producers and beat makers in a very tech oriented way as to make these creatives aware of technology and digital accessibility most haven’t seen before. The DAO testified to this by the doubling of the number of its followers on Twitter and by the number of music producers that registered entries for January’s beat submission/competition

In the vein of this good strides and antecedents do we see the need to establish more initiatives to welcome other tech loving creatives out there who are enthusiastic about crypto/web 3 knowledge and engagement but have not found the right platform to afford them the opportunity of actualizing this enthusiasm.

The BeatDAO welcomes you all to BEATDAO Musical Oasis…
A video series that would revolve around the music industry especially for music producers. On weekly episodes we talk about

the NEAR Ecosystem


token behaviour


an interview with a music producer within or outside the ecosystem


Questions about digital audio workstations

Sharing of knowledge as regards creative flow

It is going to be exciting really, because the BeatDAO now has an initiative for reaching out far into the web2 community and inspire them to make the transition

Weekly episode content creation and perspective : $100 USD

Weekly rewards for interviewed music producers: $70 USD

Weekly remuneration for videography and editing: $80

Totalling: $250 X 4(weeks in a month) = $1000 USD

We promised to engage tentacle expanding initiatives after we were inspired by progress we already made. Here we are, Council member @Paul is doing BeatDAO/Nearnauts anthem search. We fully resume Beat Attack for this month and yes BeatsDAO Musical Oasis would add up to the already ornamented beauty to give the BeatDAO a finished gloss of service to the NEAR ecosystem in mass adoption and the encouragement of music producers and beat makers around the world


Infinte love as always

John X

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Sounds soo good my friend!

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