( Proposal ) Support for the C1 NEAR Abuja event

What’s up fam?

Due to NEAR fluctuation in value that affected the initial budget and some necessities that we did not envisage in the proposal before submission, we are requesting for 1k from the C1 February budget to cover the cost of :
-Renting gimbal $100
-Dj bounties $100
-Photographer $150
-mobility within Abuja $350
-Red carpet $70
-Accommodation for 4 persons $20 x5 days $400
-chops & water $130
-Guest radio personality $150
-wallet activation bounty of .1 N each $50
-Team bounty $100 x 5 =$500

We adjusted a few things after deep research on the city so we plan to crown the event with radio personalities and city known celebrities including compensating everyone working to make the event a success, we hope to educate and build a NEAR community of DAO and partners.

However, we requested for 1k from NxM Guild in completion to this 2k bounty for the success of this long planned event and hope for a positive outcome.
@JCB @boy_chula

wallet: dedeukwu.near
target: $1000 / 85 N


Hey @Dedeukwu,

I have seen how hard you guys have been working to make this event a success. I believe that the success of this event will paint a great picture of NEAR for the attendees and encourage interaction on the chain. Obviously with the decrease in last month’s currency, there have been unforseen roadblocks, and a lot of time has been spent just trying to figure out how to manage and seek support.

For this month I support your request. We will analyze the outcome and in the future use Tabeas recommendation of seeking payout in DAI.

Can’t wait to see this take off.


Yessir, we are on the right path to make it POP :100:

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@Dedeukwu its been a journey and a process putting all this plans into play while learning and working towards the growth of the Ecosystem, we have our minds set to complete every event, set goals and projects sort after for the Growth of the NEAR blockchain, support is just about the much we can ask
Weldon bro and again thanks @JCB we appreciate you.

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