[Report] Filipino Artist Guild -NFT Flipping - July 2022

Hi Nearians!

We are here to report the current status of our event Filipino Artist Guild -NFT Flipping

Although we acknowledged that we were still on a bear market, we still have reviewed new and upcoming projects from the near blockchain. We’re able to review a handful of projects that are about to launch and some existing projects with opportunities for flipping but, we have decided to not spend our budget as we find that the risk was too high so we decided to hold off flipping NFTs.

We have decided to create a more intrinsic initiative that would not only benefit our members, but also the guild that will help build a more sustainable environment for everyone.

Budget allocated: $350
Budget spent: $0

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We are coming back for a stronger initiative this August. Expect us! LFG! :fire: