[REPORT] Filipino Artist Guild Monthly Report | July 2022

Filipino Artist Guild July Monthly Report

Council Members:



32.5452 NEAR
3215.2672 DAI

AstroDAO: filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near

July Proposal: [APPROVED] Filipino Artist Guild | July Funding Proposal


Metric Reflection:

  • Artist of the Month | We were able to create a pointing system wherein we measured the total participation and activeness of the members not just in the community but also to other DAOs as well.

  • 24hr Art Rush | We were able to have an average of 19 participants and we have already minted the winning entries on filipino-artist-guild.near and are listed for 1.5N each.

  • NFT Collecting | We have collected a total of 37 NFTs and we have already minted them at 0.5N increment in each.

    • Weekly Twitter Space || We were also able to complete the 4 Twitter spaces (3 AMA and 1 NFT Community Talk)
    • Weekly Shilling Post || We were also able to complete 3 of 4 weeks shilling posts due to the number of weeks remaining for the month of July.
  • Community Initiative

    • Game Night | We were able to meet the goal of minimum of 10 participants per game
    • Twitter Raid | We were able to meet the goal of minimum of 20 gained followers for the hyped profile and project.
  • NFT Flipping | We were not able to meet the expected output of this initiative.

  • Bi-weekly Art Challenge | We were able to mint the winning arts with starting bid of 5 Near with 0.5 Near increments

In result for the month of July, we were pleased to let everyone know that we are able to meet 8 out of 9 metrics of success that we have established for the guild which enabled the community to grow even more and create a stronger connection with everyone.

Community Engagement:

Audit Report:

July Alloted Spent
Biweekly Art Challenge 800 400
AOTM (June and July) 300 600
Artist Workshop 370 370
Mentors 400 400
NFT Collecting 400 160
24hr Art Rush 480 360
Game Night 100 75
Twitter Raid and Raffle 100 50
Community Tipping 200 200
NFT Flipping 350 0
Council Rewards 1500 1500

Thank you for putting trust in us and as we are moving forward to a more decentralized approach we would also like to start the advocacy of 100% transparency on all our finances and we will only request funding for the difference of the monthly funding which is $5000.

Here is the remaining balance of our DAO from the previous months along with the most recent month of July:

Guild allocation: 5,000
Current balance: 3,407.32
Guild’s Budget request for August: 1,592.68