[OVERVIEW] Filipino Artist Guild -NFT Flipping

Event Facilitator : SG
Event name : NFT Flipping
Event budget : $350
What : NFT Flipping – to start our own stream of income, we are going to be buying NFT for hyped projects in the near blockchain and flip it to create a revenue for the guild.
Criteria for the NFT project that we are going to buy are

  1. Research on the developers of the projects
  2. Hype of the current community in discord, twitter, and telegram.
  3. Usability of the utility of the project
  4. We can also consider the project if it has staking features to create additional passive income for the guild.
  5. We can also create voting poll on which current blue-chip projects the guild can support that has a very good utility.
  6. Majority vote from the council members as we are all going to do our own research of the project.
    This is a risk, but this is going to enable us to create a more aggressive source of income that will support the guild stream of income in the future, as we are also looking into doing crypto trading as we go along in this project’s success.
    Please note that we are not going to rush the decision in buying these NFT’s as we are also taking into consideration the different rug projects that is roaming in the Near blockchain.

Questions regarding crypto trading.? Do you have onboard expertise people who actually traded before.?

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“As we are also looking into crypto trading” means we are just planning. Whether we are going to hire someone to trade for us, or we will make the call for the trade is up to the community to vote and we are going to make sure to plan it meticulously. Hope it answered your question.

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Well i guess my lecturing crypto trading in your community doesnt help regarding about inquiries, hence your still looking for other onboard crypto traders who doesnt know about NEAR ecosystem.

And yes you dffntly answered my question… looking forwards to your new crypto traders onboard in the next future.

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@ImJami2017 - I knew you always had a scheme into every topic. Look at you attacking this post and assuming that we would want you to be the trader of the guild. It’s not up to us to decide, it’s for the community. That’s as simple as that, but since you want to go back in history, let’s do it. I have time to spare for today.

Please do read and understand every word I’m going to say here and reflect to your attitude.

Ever since, you have been having this main character syndrome about everything, guess what? Not everything is about you, I guess, this time, we should talk about that here in the forum so everyone will see. As you can remember, I have personally called you out regarding your negative behavior in the guild telegram because you are TOXIC. And you can run a poll on the guild about it so you can see how the guild sees you. Nevertheless, let’s start.

  1. Whenever there’s an event, and you are not favorable to win because of the voting system that the Organizers again O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-R-S have in place. You start to talk sh*t about the people who are winning with your lines like “We are not going to win because we don’t have friends here” - Remember @vanengs and Violet (one of the winners too) - where you protested because you did not win and you have these lines that “Their art was not an art?” something like that and since you don’t have that much of friends, you will not win? - I can find the screenshots if you like but I think you will not deny that you said those. NOW, WHO ARE YOU TO SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT ARTIST? HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO THE ARTISTS WHO HAVE TAKEN THEIR PRECIOUS TIMES TO CREATE THEIR ART, FOR YOU TO JUST SAY THOSE WORDS?

Here’s I was able to find my call out to your behavior about that.


I would want to translate it for all the readers, but I think on some of the english phrases I made there, you, and the people would understand what transpired.

And recently, on the Philosopher’s Dao TG where you had an issue again to @louietism where you call their arts “NOT ARTS” AGAIN. What’s wrong with you?

What lecture?

When someone asked "what’s crypto crash?"


Some of the people in the guild already have answered his inquiry and it has been a good conversation already but you had to flex, your MAIN CHARACTER SYNDROME again and had to share.

Screenshots below

Translated version (I personally translated it for you)
Good evening, I just want to explain for the people who doesn’t understand here about trading. Some people here just know how to swap near to Gcash, they only know that bear market only means it’s going down and it’s going up.

But crypto crash is not something that means crypto is going down and would take the whole market down as well, it means it’s an opportunity for other traders. It’s called halving and it’s being done every year, and BTC is one of them who wants to ride in the growth of each stock. Now, if you are under 1 crypto, one company market is being forced to release (crypto) and the goal is for other company traders to come in.


Remember, Tiger Global is one of the biggest market now that bid funding on near protocol amounting to $350 million, guess what, they started to bid the funds around $15, and if you can see, after they receive the funds, why the price of Near did not went up? Why did it go lower instead? Isn’t it supposed to go up? - No, that’s not it. There are companies that has locking system for their funding, which means the money of the people who invested will not get affected even if the pricing of the market they bought in go down, it also depends on the tactics and mechanics of their style based on their contract depending when will they release, with that, there were the only ones who knows about it.

I will not debunk all of the lies, misinformation, or incorrect information that you had shared on these statements that you had above, because whether they believe you or not, the readers should still do their due diligence in researching and getting themselves equipped if they want to really deep dive in crypto.

As I am writing this post for you, many ideas came into my mind and it’s too many to mention, before when you are being so extra on some topics, we are letting it go because we think that you actually cares and just can’t properly deliver your statements in a nice way, but as the time goes by, I have already found out that you indeed have a main character syndrome and you think everything is about you and if everything is not going toward your wants, you will fight it and talk sh*t about it.

Also, I have a few more questions, because you shared those words above;

Does that automatically make you the trader of the guild?

Does that give you the right to say whatever you have said above?

Does that mean that your opinion on things is better than the opinion of the community?

Does that “LECTURE” equate you to be the trader of the guild? Can you show us your trading portfolio and how much have you made in trading already? Also, can you even call that a lecture? When you share information to the guild, are you supposed to get a job position instead of receiving thanks from the guild? So, does it mean that you will only share info to people because you have a black propaganda and you want to get something out of them in return?

I would assume that you would say YES on every question because that’s how it looks. I have already asked above, but let me tell you this again.

I hope this serve as an eye opener for you that Not everything is about you. and you are not ABOVE other people. Be humble.

Please reply as I would want to hear your thoughts about the statements I have made above.
I will also send this to the guild so they can also share their insights about these matters.


Ok tagalugin ko po to make it clarrify your question po regarding my thoughts because i only know is basic english.

Tanong ko lng.? Kau po ba napansin nyo ung sa side ko na gusto ko rn maging part ng community ninyo.? I mean ano ang nakikita mo sakn talent.? May nakita ka ba.? Ang nakikita ko kc ang cnasabi mo trash talks lng kaya ko gawin.
So means ung pag judge ko sa arts palagay mo d ako marunong bumasa ng pictures ng isang larawan., ou nandon tau sa marunong ung isa tao kc nkaka drawing cla…pro hndi po sa part na nababasa nla ang isang arts sa isang tingin lng…kya ko nasasabi at na ja judge ang isang Arts ay dhl nababasa ko kng ano nilalaman ng isang larawan at hndi po ako nag mamayabang pra sa sarili ko na maganda ang art ko, Aaminin ko hndi maganda ang art ko. Kundi cnasabi ko po kng ano ang nakikita ko sa gawa ng isang tao.

At isa pa., ung tungkol sa crypto trading., hndi lng po yan na si search lng sa google or sa gcash info po… ang kailangan po dyn experience. Hndi po ako nag base sa google search kc nag base po ako sa experience ko sa trading non. Sa kaalaman na nalaman ko ng mga panahong nag to trade p ako at nsa investment company.

At ito lng po napansin ko…for every opinion po pag dating sa Gc palaging may kontra po ung mga sagot nyo… like 1 time nag suggest ako to cooperate english muna kht 1 day lng… pro ano sabi nyo…hndi nyo mapipilit ibang tao mag english…then nag agree ako dba…pro ng ibang member na nag suggest na mag english muna 1 day…so walng kumontra dba…lahat nag agree…so meaning to say hndi valuable ung mga request ko or any opinion po.

At isa pa. Kng binabagsak ko ang community nyo or sinisiraan sa iba may proof ka po ba…kc ako kht mg tanong ka sa community na cnasaluhan ko . Pino promote ko kau to recieve people creators.

Gusto nyo rn po ba ng proof of trading ko pati pag promote ko sa ibang projects collaborator na hinahanap nyo.? Meron ako dto kng yan ang hanap mo.

Kng sasarilinin ko ung isang opportunity ,. Hndi ko na kailangan pang i promote kau., hndi ko kailangan mag advice at mag turo sa mga salitang nakikita mo sa tinuturo ko…at lalong hndi ako baguhan sa crypto investment po pra hndi malaman yan.

Ngaun kng nakikita mo na gnun ung salita ko ., ay dahl gnun ako…kc hndi ako naninira kundi nag aadvice ako kng ano ung tama lng at ung sa lecture po…

Napansin ko kc na nag aacept nga po kau ng mga on boarding artist ., yes !., nakaka recieve cla Near , yes! … pro pag dating sa cash out wla na cla alam kundi gcash lng po to cash out. Then ung iba papa cash out tpos nagka problema pa kc hndi nkpag antay ung c mag ka cash out…
So meaning to say hndi alam ng tao ung pinasok nla pano matuto i trade ung sarili nlang token at nag depend cla sa maliit na informations regarding don lng sa alam nlang pinaka madaling paraan.

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You have missed the point again, @ImJami2017

With the status of our conversation for today, you are burying yourself more and more. I don’t want to do that. All I want for you is to realize that not everything is about you and to stop making everything about you.

To close this, if ever in the future, the events become successful and guild become self sustainable, we’ll consider hiring traders with great portfolios and we will run the vote in the community. Feel free to apply and showcase your portfolio by then.

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And let me answer this for you… since you havnt check my answer in philosopher group. The reason i said his art is not represent laplace demon is., he is lacking information of FEAR., representing by the art of laplace demon. His arts base picturing of his self judeging from my observations. As i see no darkness on his art. I told you i dont base in pictures just to look for it., but i read every pictures of Arts i see.

The arts wins because of frnds votes. But does other people in your community look in dffrnt art entry who fits in laplace demon.? Do you think who is bias here.? Because for me i only votes for the arts thats fits in the theme.

Hello, This would also be a risk putting community funds to buy NFTs which might have the floor dropped. How about generating revenue for guild by putting some royalties for FAG in the NFTs of FAG artists listing on marketplaces?

You can support the artists by promoting their NFTs and generate some royalties in return.


This is a good idea, Rahul! We have also thought about this but we kinda want to create a stream of cashflow for the guild that isn’t reactive, that’s why we came up about the idea of flipping.

Yes, there are risks to take due to events of rug pulls that’s why we have a standard metric that people can vote on whether we are going to mint a specific project or not, and then we are just going to set a specific profit margin before selling them.


This is a wonderful idea to place on wherein some of the small creators or a certain project on the Near Protocol Blockchain, but it’s seem that it’s a little bit risky to put or invest on that project not knowing what could be the future results.

But if i think we can resolve this project or revised it in more on different angle by defining this proposal to be a project for the guild itself and make the system of split royalties to be charged on the people behind on that project.


Thank you for sharing @louietism ! Yes, we understand and we did not plan for anything extravagant about the nft flipping. We have set the metric for success only at * NFT Flipping | Successfully flip NFT and gain profit minimum of 0.5 NEAR per flip.


I think about Onboarding a crypto trader specialist is a very crucial part to choose a person to take in charge for that matter, so there’s a basis such as portfolio and backgrounds on being a crypto trader file up on their resume.

And about the issue yes i agree that the guild should be the one to choose who is the most deserving for the spot.

And i can say that no matter what your credentials are no matter what you earn that all certificate for trading or achievements on that big file up portfolio, the important thing is they can see also what person on inside and out, even they have lack of knowledge about that. but the important things is they are open to learn, also have the potential to be at their best, also have the Attitude that can bring your portfolio or resume to be one the chosen one part of the team.


Ate Jami , with all my due respect , I just wanna share my opinion about your rants po .

  1. I just wanna make it clear to you that the moment you joined the Filipino Artist Guild telegram /dc account, you
    already are part of our community.We do not tolerate discrimination within the guild po . We listen to every suggestions given by the community members. Everybody knows that. So please stop saying that we do not recognize your presence in the guild .
  2. We also do not disregard your talent neither did we say that you are not talented enough.We appreciate you sharing your ideas about the arts shared in the bounties or in any competition that was held here in Near Forum .Yes, criticizing is good , but please do critize in a nice way , not in a way that you make it sound like the artists’ art is not good enough or they do not deserve to win . You can share your opinion about the art , everybody can share their opinion about a certain art , but please do not act as if you are "entitled " though actually you are not .You cannot control the judges’ decision as they have their own standards in judging .Their own standards , not yours . Voice your opinion but please do not meddle with the results of their judging ,as you are not acknowledging their ability to judge on their own . Respect their own decision as you also respect your own.

This is a great input @louietism and yes, no worries, if ever in the future, we choose to onboard artist, as I have said, we are going to make sure to run the voting through our community. Thank you for your care!


Ok let me clarrify this., Did you know that my account been recently restricted and i tried to communicates in your heads team to be part of your group because i cant msgs., i ask a favor politely to be entitled so i can share something in your group.? But i ddnt recieve any responce and yet ignored my msgs after reading it. So are you saying that it is not being ignorance of my presense in your group.?

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Regarding the issue with @Jami, yes I agree too, and it’s not a good feeling being told that you win just because of the vote of your friends when that’s the mechanics in the first place, it just brings bad feeling for the artist.

Respect begets respect.

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@Jami look at you invalidating all of their sentiments and feelings in all these comments. Isn’t it ironic that you are defending yourself with the same behavior you are being called upon?
All of your comments reeks of feeling entitled about everything and this tells the readers who you really are.

I think the word is respect. Respect begets respect, how would you feel if you are on the other side of the coin, and someone tells you the same thing that you are saying to them.

All these commotion because of the thought that we MIGHT or MIGHT NOT venture into trading, in the future and you are not on the top of the list. Isn’t that called feeling entitled?

You can’t dictate everyone po. Again, respect begets respect if you can’t respect other peoples feelings at least respect yourself po.

I hope that this is the last time that we are going to talk about this po.