[Approved] Strictly Ballein - September 2021

Strictly Ballein Proposal

After a successful first season of Strictly Ballein (6 months) with the Whale community we are now proposing this weekly DJ event in Cryptovoxels to the Near community and activating the newly created DJ DAO! With over 1,600 clicks through our bit.ly link and contributing to the majority of the 10K parcel visits this event draws a decent crowd each week and is a great source of entertainment for the community.

We aim to feature One DJ per week alongside @netunoblu in The Playground, Cryptovoxels as an initiative to grow and cultivate the DJ community in NxM.

September Lineup:

September Budget Proposal:

This is a monthly proposal to cover each Wednesday per month with a plan to kick off in September 2021. Below are the costs associated with the event and some of the activations we plan to include.

  • 1 Headliner 1 hour DJ set @ $100 (x5) = $500
  • Opening DJ set by Netuno 30min $25 (x5) = $125
  • Venue rental & set up @ $25 N (x5) = $125
  • Graphics x5 done in advance for each month = $125
  • Livestream & event management = $125
  • DJ DAO set up = 5N (waived)

Total request: $1000 = 140 N (at $7.15/N)
Target: dj-dao.sputnikdao.near

Our goals are to foster the growth of the DJ community by onboarding new DJs and using the DJ DAO to disburse payouts for Strictly Ballein. In this current global situation DJ’s have had a challenging time staying afloat, so we hope to help support them along with providing entertainment for our community members!

managed by:


(DJ DAO Council)

The DJ DAO has been set up via djs.near with 5N in funds sent by daorecords.near

*this proposal was created by Vandal on behalf of the Strictly Ballein team.


@Grace @JMaenen please do have a look and give your thought if you have any

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The playground is so cool!!
What are we expecting from the weekly event? How does success look like? :star_struck:


Thanks @Grace! With this iteration of Strictly Ballein and with Season 2 we want to focus more on exposing NxM DJ talents and onboarding more DJ’s into the NEAR ecosystem.

One of the things I didn’t mention in this proposal is the creation of a DJ DAO, which is going to be implemented through this proposal and activated with Netuno. So, success would be using the weekly event to develop the DJ DAO and enable more activities and interaction with NEAR through the DAO.


Fully support this idea


Hey @chloe @zeitwarp @Grace @JMaenen I’ve updated this proposal to be included in our September budget request :slight_smile:


I’ve edited this proposal to meet the $USD conversion requirements and marked approved to be submitted to NxM DAO by @netunoblu

We’re really excited to for the October launch of DJ DAO!!!

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