[Report] Discord Activities

Wooho guys! What an excellent work we are doing in Discord! First of all i want to give a shout-out to all the new batch of moderators, you guys are already absolute legends!
It’s a pleasure for me to work with you!

Now let me tell you more about what has been done in Discord!


As i mentioned in other reports, i added the captcha bot to our discord server but it didn’t work that well, so i removed it. Unfortunately we had a little bot raid this week just because we didnt have any verification system, so i implemented YAGPDB bot verification feature, and it stopped bots from joining our server! So well, after this “bad” new, we managed to solved this situation! Thanks again to the discord-mods who helped me with that.


Engagement in the Discord server is my main focus at the moment. The Quiz i made had a huuuge impact! More than 110 people participated, and this is only the first one we did! Imagine the quantity of people that will participate in the next ones, we have a lot to grow! So feel free to share your ideas about this Quiz initiative, personally i love them!

Let me attach some images!

With this being said, lets proceed with NEAR Spaces.

This voice chat events are excellent, i really really love them. Not only because people really like this, i also ENJOY doing this stuff! Yesterday i hosted the first ever NEAR Spaces in our Discord server, the guests were the co-founders of NEAR Meerkat Kingdom a NFT generative project being built on NEAR, and it was amazing!

We reached 60 people! that considering the improvisation, and the schedule in which it was performed, it is quite a lot! Not only this, it was a very funny and entertaining talk, which lasted 45 minutes, and I even gave the chance to three members of the community to participate! Something that I consider essential, since the community, in my opinion, is everything.

I plan to keep doing NEAR Spaces at least twice a month, I really enjoy it and people love it! I’m already in contact with the metapool team to organize one, so stay tuned!

That’s all folks! I’d love to hear your opinions about all this stuff!



Great Work With you so far Benz. Very Excellent. The Near Spaces are a success so far and Would be very interesting if they keep Coming up time to time!:star_struck:


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As always :clap: :tada:

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Nice report with great activities for boosting discord engagements!
I’ll help to spread the message about quizzes to the Vietnamese communities.
Would we have some statistics on discord as well, Benz?


excellent job you guys are doing out there! keep up the good work


Sure, before the end of the year i will make a discord metrics


Hey, @Benz_Near . Good job with the initiatives and activities to boost user engagements in the discord server. Keep up the good work — you’re right on track!

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Awesome work you do Boss


Awesome work @Benz_Near and great to see the impact of the work!
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Here is information about token distribution to winners.