[Report] December 2023 / MDAO / DeeDee

Project Name: DeeDee

Project Status: Completed

Project Accounting: We were fortunate to receive a grant of 3,000 USD from MDAO, allowing us to kickstart the brand creation and our initial marketing campaign. Subsequently, we secured another grant of the same amount to expand our marketing efforts. With these funds, we developed a landing page on BOS and produced an explanatory demo reel.

Project Timeline:

  • Grant requested: 11 Dec
  • Grant approved: 23 Dec
  • Funds transferred: Jan 16
  • Report created: Feb 13



What we achieved:

  • Number of dApps: 1 (the site we built on BOS)
  • Social engagement score (based on 1250 USD allocated for this effort)
    As per today, we have 1.3 k views on X post and 72 on youtube. So with a total of 1431 impressions we got 0.86 per impression.

Learnings and Next Steps :

While our upcoming budget proposal for app development wasn’t approved by the HoM, the exposure obtained enabled us to attract interest and valuable advice. Consequently, we plan to pursue venture capital funding from sources outside the NDC.

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