[Report] Datality Q1 Marketing

Hello, @marketingdao-council !

Per the discussion on Datality Grant proposal 03/24/2022 - #5 by Dacha, we are submitting progress made using the $6500 grant received in January.

We pivoted from using Flying Rhino and had to use this time to find a better path for Datality at this stage of our product. That took a lot of research, interviewing and recruiting but we finally have an international team to handle SMM and Datality content and extremely solid leadership with @valeriy.nemyrov, @Olha-Datality and @0xprofiteroles.

Per @Olha-Datality 's post about some of our progress:

What have we already achieved? :thinking:

  1. Planned and executed our project’s social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. Scheduled organic content creation and posting. Worked on our identity to appear recognizable and eye-catching for potential followers.
  2. Brainstormed and wrote numerous articles on Data in Blockchain/Datality/Data Trading topics. A launched introductory article on GOV.NEAR. Pre-recorded videos of our CEO delivering the product’s idea for further content.
  3. Perfected the website’s roadmap and added new features. The major update is the implementation of NEAR token and the creation of a marketing website. Went through the first major QA sessions. Executed over 100 test cases. Black and white box testing.
  4. Hired Valeriy Nemyrov with our last grant who has onboarded several resources from within and outside the NEAR Community for Datality creative assets and content
  5. Established a highly-organized team of professionals in both development and marketing. Employed and onboarded numerous people from across the globe, that are enthusiastic and highly motivated in their contribution to the Web3. Currently, our team consists of:
  • Clint Taylor, Founder
    Scope: Workstream management, Briefs execution, Ideation
  • Valeriy Demyrov, Marketing Leader
    Scope: SMM Strategy, Market Analysis, Content review
  • Santiago Chamat
    Scope: Legal Counseling, Data Protection
  • Digital Avenues
    Scope: dApp Development
  • IceScream Agency (Dubai)
    Scope: Logo, Branding, Landing design, Visual support
  • Kovaci SMM Agency (Tirana)
    Scope: Twitter/Linkedin post-management, content creation
  • Rafa Melo (Brazil)
    Scope: Twitter Moderation
  • Olha (Ukraine)
    Scope: Copywriting

Please see the PDF below for a visual display of our path up to this point:

Further, these efforts have helped attract other key principal leadership to Datality: Santiago Chamat of the NEAR Legal Guild, and a major player in the Market Research industry who intends to help seed Datality with supply from that huge industry.

We look forward to providing you further details as necessary so you know we are being very efficient with the funds and trust you’re putting in us. We are just getting started!


Thank you for report.

Would be great to see a list of them.

Great. Looking forward for beta testing opportunities for Near Community members. We have hundreds of experienced testers :grinning:

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Would be great to get reimbursement from Flying Rhino back to treasure for unsatisfactory work with Datality project.

I put attention on the guild (LLC) works later, but the payment was approved by Ecosystem councils.

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@Olha-Datality please share the list of all the topics which we plan to publish on medium with Mister Dacha.


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Greetings dear Dacha! Thank you for the interest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here are the topics we have covered and ready to be posted on Medium:

-Datality’s mission to safely and efficiently connect researchers and buyers of the world

-The advantages of a two-sided peer-to-peer data marketplace over current marketplaces

-Transparency of Data in BlockChain

-NEAR protocol investing in Data Driven start up

-Why is Datality the missing piece for Two-sided Data Markets

-Search for Data Products, View Product Details and other core mechanics on Datality website

-Signing up on Datality as a seller guide