[December] Datality project opportunity: candidate for a Principal Marketing Leader role || Candidate is found

Hey Sandboxers and Nearians,

We start the collaboration with Datality.

Datality has just launched a MVP and recently was awarded a sizeable grant from the NEAR Foundation to build in crypto payments and payouts.

Their goal at this stage is to generate interest from potential executive leadership, partners, end users, the NEAR community, and investors. We aim to launch in Q2 2022.

Datality is the first blockchain-based data marketplace directly connecting buyers and sellers to safely transact data for value in a free market. Existing one-sided marketplaces dominate supply and market share – they hold back private sellers of data, inflate the cost to data consumers, and restrict all the economic advantages of a free market. Datality solves the multilateral data marketplace challenges of trust, provenance, fraud risk, appropriability and market thickness by employing blockchain, escrow systems, covenants, reputation management and local network effects.

Datality believes the trustlessness of blockchain is perfect for a publicly-available layer of activity that protects participants against fraud, builds reputations, cultivates marketplace quality in both product and participants, serves as a data source for any independent legal pursuits against fraudsters, serves as a source for unrefuted provenance of data ownership/usage, and sets us up for DeFi free marketplace for research data and beyond.

Datality is looking for a Principal Marketing Leader who can lead all our marketing and outreach efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog
  • Content Development

This will be a part of the core team we are building, working directly with the founder and architectural designer of the Datality platform.


► Social Media Campaign Management
► Online Advertising and Sales Promotion
► Event and Promotional Planning and Analysis
► Budget Management
► Media Buying and Relations
► Project and Talent Management Skills
► Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
► Web Analytics & Reporting
► Blog, Website, & Press Release Copywriting
► Excellent writing and speaking English skills
► Advance knowledge of blockchain


  • 10-20 hours per week
  • 2-4 hours per day checking in on social media outlets, attracting attention and generating buzz about Datality
  • Marketing outreach
  • Social network management

800 USD

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:


Hi! I want to this job.
How can I call you?

Can I apply for this Job , I am an Social Media Manager

Hi, thank you for your interest.

Could you please share with me your relevant working experience?

I want to apply for the Budget Management role. how can I apply?

Awesome opportunity! I would love to get involved in this. As a customer relationship manager, I will actively pursue to achieving this goal

Hey Ana, hope you are doing good.

I would like to apply for the above role.

Please consider my profile.

Thank you.

Hi Ana!

Would love to speak with you further about the open position and send through my CV. With hands on experience doing moderation work for NEAR channels (Discord, Telegram, Reddit). Persistent efforts surrounding campaign management, promotion, talent management and all other tasks concerning a marketing leader through my personal works in running a music label - Beatsolow. Client related experience through an assistant position at a Hong Kong based offshore services company as well as experience in corporate business from Canada, all the way from starting a business from scratch to selling it upon scaling. Hope to speak with you on the matters and share in better detail, my qualifications.

Warm regards,



My name is Alexander, I’m from Russia.

I have experience in running social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VK). I know how to set up targeted advertising.

He also had excellent experience in blogging (there were 500,000 followers on Instagram)

I love NEAR, I am a HODler NEAR.

Let’s move on to the interview.

Hi, we are looking for a person who will match with all relevant skills for the role


Thank you for your interest!

Could you please DM me about your experience (some names of projects you worked with) and also about background in NEAR

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Hey hey,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please share your relevant experience and background in NEAR ecosystem?

My name is som, i would like to apply as i am a active member on social media and i can promote .
So i am waiting for your reply
Thanx you

i am very interested … how can i reach you for an interview?

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@valeriy.nemyrov Thank you for the collaboration
The reward 800 USD is approved in February

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@valeriy.nemyrov Thank you for the collaboration
The reward of 800 USD is approved in March

@0xprofiteroles Hey, thank you for your contribution to the project. The reward is 650 USD. Please apply through Astro DAO after the NEAR exchange rate will be published