[January] Datality project opportunity: candidate for a Principal Product Leader

Hi Neareans and Sandboxers,

Hope you had wonderful holidays with your family and beloved :blush:

I am glad to start the year with the new opportunity on the Open Web Sandbox. The Datality Project is continuing to onboard people to become part of the Team.

This time we are looking for a Principal Product Leader with the passion to cultivate relationships with the key partners and grow the product.


  • Drive product strategy for the Datality.com platform
  • Conduct research to discover and establish product-market fit, and present to stakeholders. Prior experience in the Market Research industry is desired.
  • Generate and present product ideas to stakeholders that will establish Datality’s product-market fit, increase user base, increase transactions, drive revenues and increase market share. Experience with two-sided platform economics is desired.
  • Collaborate with complementary departments including Design, UX, Development, Marketing, Sales, and the Founder
  • Establish and cultivate relationships with key partners
  • Keep the Founder and other major stakeholders informed of opportunities and threats detected in the product’s evolution
  • Craft, present and implement product launch schedules that expedite Datality’s growth


  • Experience in product or program management, product marketing, business development or technology
  • Experience in delivering technology products/services in a high growth environment, with a demonstrated ability to translate advantages to partners
  • A proven track record of product launches where you have taken a product from concept to launch, driving product vision, defining go-to-market strategy, creating product roadmaps, driving UX decisions, and steering technical implementation discussions
  • Advance knowledge of blockchain (at least 3 years of experience in blockchain and some proven experience on NEAR)
  • Excellent writing and speaking English skills

The estimated time of workload is 1-2 hours daily and 10 hours/ weekly

:100: Reward: 600 USD :100:

:star: DM me with a brief description of your previous experience to schedule an interview or ask questions :star:


@Clint-Datality :raised_hand: :cowboy_hat_face: Partner, I can be your guy.


Thanks, @AnaNastya and @FritzWorm !

@Kemal made a good point to me this morning: Datality needs to be building a NEAR blockchain and NEAR crypto community as we move forward. Help in doing this will be critical as well.

:v: :heart::rocket:


Wow that’s awesome I love this project, a big opportunity is now open.


I’m interested in this role

This is great and would have love to be part of it.

Hey, please share your CV through the application form Project Application Form

I can be your candidate for this @AnaNastya