[REPORT] ( Full Stack Developer | DAOrecords | April 2022)

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: Full Stack Developer

Report for the month and year: April, 2022

Accomplished objectives:

  • Created FT contract for Splash tokens

  • Testnet launch of Splash tokens

  • Internal dev team & full team planning meetings

  • Worked on the Soundsplash frontend - Launch on 4th May

  • R&D for the audio spectrum visualizer for Soundsplash


Finished the FT contract for Splash tokens & launched the tokens on Testnet. Mainnet launch and integration with Metapool due for May. Working on getting things ready towards the 4th May launch of the Soundsplash website.

NEAR wallet name: cryptovaibhav.near

Hours contributed: 56

Total requested funds: $2240