[REPORT] Curadoria, cunhagem e divulgação de obras de artistas da Nomade Label

Hello fam

During month of June I had the opportunity through this curatorship project to meet new people, dialogue, structure the Nomade Factory and exchange knowledge with friends.

During this process there were meetings through meet where we could give suggestions, listen to suggestions, mint works, talk about marketplaces, make mistakes, fix things, and learn.

We learned the ways to mintage on UniqArt a new platform within our ecosystem.

@amarina_borck @blusw and me worked on the first phase of the process curating the images that we were going to mint at the Nomade Factory store.
Amarina also shared her experience and her collection in the comments below.

Daniel Carrera and @amandalealart were part of the mintagem process by mintbase where each one can share their art there and dialogue with the factory their experiences, learning, teachings and our exchanges.

Amanda presented her artworks and talked a bit about her experience in the link below

Daniel also presented his artwork through his Kiru sound experimentation where he had the opportunity to transform it into NFTs

During the whole process we had the support of @ritamaria , who moves between cells of the Nomade Label for guidance and suggestions from members.
With all this work together we agreed to redistribute our budget where it was left off:

150 Dai - Amarina
125 Dai - Dazo
75 Dai - Blua
50 Dai - Daniel Carrera
50 Dai - Amanda Leal
50 Dai - Rita

The payments have all been made to the corresponding wallets as described above and can be checked in the link below