[REPORT] Nomade Label Council Report - Esther

Hey everyone!

I was writing this report, but I realized that I never officially presented myself here in a proper manner. I will also take the chance to make a short retrospective on my road in the NF so far.

I’m Esther Lourenço, a media artist from Brazil and I’ve been here shortly (though it feels immensely long), since May/2022, when I was onboard by @raissalaban and @frado in Fradao. I’m very grateful to all the things I’ve learned in this DAO, to how warmly they receive any new artist and to the projects I’ve been part of.

Thanks to all the precious connections made through fraDAO and how it allowed me to float around the Near Forum for a while in the search of understanding those new forms of organizing and creating, synchronicity brought me at last to @blusw, who introduced me to Nomade Label, where I got to know a vibrant artistic community engaged in unique projects and supporting each other.

Also in connection to @Dazo, who was lighting some darker waters of web3 for me, I made it to meet a lot of Nomade Label’s members IRL in this event in São Paulo:

Since then, I got the chance to get closer to NL and ended up changing seats with Blua council’s chair, which officially started in the month of August, bringing my fresh-kinda-newbie eyes with me to this challenge.

And that was a wild run til now. A lot of changes started to take place in the ecosystem and I’ve been trying to follow them as they pass in a healthy way. With the guidance of my dear council partners, specially @ritamaria with her organizational skills, @thaisampr who is always ready to answer in the most human way possible, and @gushlewis with his broad technical knowledge, I could better understand how everything works and how I can collaborate to Nomade Label’s growth. Recently @pinkalsky also got back to business and it’s been an immense joy to be able to work closely with a person who has been for much longer in the ecosystem.

In this path, I’m finding myself to be mostly useful with my communication skills. We have been working on organizing our dapp through Gorillas Shop and we are very positive about having a website that is directly connected to web3. This will bring us new opportunities to look at our own work with more clarity and present ourselves online in a more authentic way and directly connected to our productions.

Link to dapp: https://gorillashops-nomadelabel-e1bf0324784fe0e4.netlify.app/

So far, I was part of two months of projects in NL:

I’m glad life brought me all those beautiful people in the NF and I hope we can all work out our issues in this world that is being born. I’m proud to say I’m a small piece in the construction of this new vision and I look forward to building bridges between the worlds I’m passing by - we are all connected. Like Hilda Hilst once said: if I’m crazy, I am in very good company.


You have a beautiful way here!! Sure that it is just the beginning of a large and incredible journey!!!