[Report] Cinenoise Meta TV


Proponent: Gustavo Manute and Denise Nuvem

NEAR account for payment: manutegus.near + denisenuvem.near

Project Timeline: June 1th – 30th

This is project is successfully concluded. We have showcased videos from artists from Nomade Label and Zerolikes on the space.You can visit trough this link:

and also an alternative space on NearHub


Learnings: It was a great experience to have content from our community to be showcased and also teaching members some functionalities of the echosystem like this print minted by Denise Nuvem on Nomade Label store:

Next Steps:

We plan to have some Meta TV shows and having guests from our community on the space and possibly on the future have a land to make Metaverse events. Also I will keep developing and Learning about NearHub that seems to be a very promising Virtual Space.


OI Gus, to colocando aqui o link da proposal


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