[PROPOSAL] Voxel art Class and Meta-building on Cryptovoxel

Proponent: Gustavo Manute

NEAR account for payment: manutegus.near

Project Timeline: March 5th – 31th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to teach other members of the community my own process of creation on voxel art and building on cryptovoxels trought live or recorded educational videos

Justification (benefits): I believe this will be an important thing for the community who are not very familiarized with voxel art and to bring more people to know how to create buildings and wearables for the metaverse

Project: This project is intended to bring at least 10 people to participate in a mini-course about voxel modelling and rendering. It will be divided in 2 classes that will happen on google meets.The wearables produced by the participants will be minted on our store and distribuited trough the community. After that some parts of this classes will be minted on our store.on Mintbase


March 5th:

Planning of the workshops and organize educational material

March 14th:

Invite people for participating on the classes.

March 16th:

Building the classroom at Near Metaverse Connection Center

March 19th:

First Class - Modelling Buildings and wearables

February 20th:

Second Class - Shaders, effects, tricks and lighting.

Make wearables available for the last exhibition of the month.

March 26:

Start accountability


500 usd in near: To build the classrom and organizing the material for the classes.


Final Products: Classroom on cryptovoxels and the classes registered on youtube with some highlights minted on our Mintbase store.

Metaverse DAO


Super cool , i would like to be in this class



Proponent: Gustavo Manute

NEAR account for payment: manutegus.near

Project Timeline: March 5th – 31th

The workshop was really good, on the first day we had around 7 people present. And in the second we had not many people but I managed to pass a lot of content and we had a very special guest.

Day 1

Day 2

I really apreciatte the people that are always supporting me. Im so happy for being able to pass on this knowledge. Im also very happy with the presence of Bitpixi, who is a part of cryptovoxels team. :heart:

Learnings: Im still thinking about the best time for having the class. I try to make more classes in different days and times for having more people participating.

**Next Steps: I intend to keep doing the classes monthy and adding more metaverses and different software that I use for creating content.