[report] C1 guild report july

hii there :wave:t5:

i hope you’re feeling good today, it’s been a pretty slow month?

C1 guild focused on gathering the house together as promised, kickstarting the month with registering with corporate affairs commission (cac) which will later be uploaded on otoco.io

followed by further establishing our partnership with npk guild and shiny gloves club.

the C1 tv creative workshop has onboarded two music talents so far (with one of the artists recording for the first time.)
we can’t wait to see them evolve.

organized by @BigM007, the C1 guild community collaboration is ongoing and so far three fresh music has been made.

models are already reaching out in anticipation of the model search coordinated by @Purpledots and @Mr_Royalty

the c1 monthly newsletter has been uploaded by @Acho (mr eric)

the other projects are also going well while awaiting funding.

thank you for your time.


Congratulations C1 congratulations :tada: