( on-going report ) c1 tv creative workshop

Hii NEAR fam

We all understand the state of the ecosystem regards to funding by NF so I’m here with my ongoing report as we keep up with our C1 TV Creative workshop with funding from DedeukwuShryne as we wait for NF to reimburse us.

1st week of this project we featured @Akanni a Lagos state based singer and songwriter and premiered his interview in our C1 YouTube ( link below ) with the TJYOUNGY produced musicNFTs as a soundtrack.

YT link

2nd week we featured @Hamzzy on a 2 tracks musicNFTs E.P produced by ZIKAY which will premiere 7pm WAT today.


Below are the transactions of their $25 bounty per artists and producers in a GDRIVE link.


We hope to show you what’s coming soon with this initiative and how it’s helping creatives start a Web3 career.
More updates will be edited here as we proceeed.

@JCB @reespect @creativesdao-council


Contd. ( REPORT )

Hii team as i conclude with this report while we build our custom marketplace to mint all the NFTs achieved.

3rd week
We the C1TV Creative workshop featured @Ogaarinze who came through with an acrylic painting on carton embedded with his Nnekata sunglasses and we have already framed the art also archived it in the creative space for 1/1 exclusive unlockable, below is the YT interview.


Lastly, we onboarded FRANKLYN HARTZ who also came through with a wall abstract illustration and photography has been taken accompanied by a YT interview too looking forward to mint as well.


NOTE: We are excited about this project as it kickstarted in Lagos state and we look forward to expand our reach and physical creative space to other states in Nigeria to create synergies and orientation on the NEAR web3 tools, moving forward we will be conducting orientation hours using our projector for easy learning and teaching for the people that would want to connect irl.

@JCB @reespect @creativesdao-council