[REPORT] C1 Guild Community Collaboration (Ongoing)

Hello All,

This is to bring to your notice the report of the on going C1 Guild community collaboration tilted Black and White.

It is musical compilation that seeks the peace and unity of all mankind. The message is love and oneness, whether black or white.

The project has faced some delays but they are issues everybody is going through right now and they are being gradually solved.

It seems as it is that everybody (mixing and mastering engineers, vocalists and graphic designer) has accepted that the payments may be delayed but we have all gone ahead and continued with the project.

Right now, three songs have been recorded mixed and mastered.

Never by @reespect
They Dont Know by @BigM007
Human by @BigM007

As of we, we await remaining tracks from @Dedeukwu and @JCB and hopefully, their tracks will be sent in this week.

Thank you for your time.

@Dedeukwu @JCB