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Bring Back Bees

“India’s first apiculture based NFT to support farmers”


As bees are in extinction because of several human activities. We are here to make the awareness over the rapidly declining bee population by introducing technology in apiculture to make the people really understand the importance of this bee farming also to make them satisfied about their contribution by buying an BBB NFT and increasing the employment opportunity in rural sector and thus enhancing the ancillary income of the beekeepers and farmers.


BBB (Bring Back Bees) genesis is a collection of 33 cyber queen bees. First of all, these bees are the first special colonies called for this mission of setting up bee hive colonies in real life. Each of our subscribers will receive additional perks as an early adopter of BBB genesis, which will include receiving additional NFTs as a part of a future 3333 BBB NFT’s launch that will take place only after the initial stage of the beehive has been completed and has achieved its intended goals.


BBB NFT is India’s first NFT created for the promotion of apiculture, the practice of keeping bees as well as the manufacturing of honey and beeswax. Each BBB Genesis NFT costs about USD 50 at present, enough to cover the cost of a beehive, a honey extractor and protective clothing for a farmer, and training in beekeeping. BBB has joined hands with Pasumai Thayagam for the installation of apiary units. Currently, the project is being implemented at Gearatti village in Krishnagiri district, and Thanipoondi village in Gummidipoondi at Tiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu. BBB plans to sell 3333 BBB NFTs and install 3333 apiary units across India by 2023.

BBB Genesis NFT’s Details:

  • BBB Genesis NFT Supply: 33 NFT’s
  • BBB Genesis NFT Chain: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
  • BBB Genesis NFT Price: 0.25 BNB
  • BBB Genesis NFT Marketplace: WazirX NFT Marketplace

BBB Official Links:

BBB Press Release:

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Thanks for sharing this, @0xkshatriyan! Great cause and amazing work. To clarify, the genesis mint was on BSC, but the next mint plan would be on NEAR?

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Thanks @shreyas bro, yes the genesis we did in BSC now the next batch we planning to mint on NEAR.