[APPROVED]Transfering The Funds For Love MOnth to Weekly Funds

Good Day Filipino Artist Guild Councils,
@kc_sollano @vanengs @blitzstein1125

I would like to make a proposal to Transfer and Divide The Prizes of The Love Month Art challenge, to Our Weekly Art contest,

Due of the the Shorten Budget when $NEAR Drop its value from the one we propose Last time and also Lack of Time due of some delay,
I would like to Divide the funds of prizes of the Love Month Art Challenge and divide the Funds into 4 to be added on Our weekly art Contest Funds.
Your Suggestion and Replies is important :relaxed: thank you


this is it :fire:, good luck to everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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LFG!!! Good luck to all participants :rocket: :rocket:

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I consent this move as a council of Fil. Artists Guild, APPROVED! :white_check_mark:


Thank u miss K ,:relaxed::relaxed:

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I approve it as one of the council of Filipino Artist Guild :heart: APPROVED.

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Thanks Fam​:relaxed: :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::sparkling_heart: lablab

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