[PROPOSAL] NEAR Riddim Showdown for August 2022

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Greetings NEAR fam!

SvaraDAO is on a full throttle to do a next offline event! This time we are calling all the best beat maker and producers to join “NEAR Riddim Showdown!”, where all the beat maker and producers battling live on stage. We hope this event can attract yet different market and audience into NEAR ecosystem.

Held in Jakarta in a yet to be confirmed venue, we are sure that we can grab new audiences as beat culture is on a new hype in Indonesia. Jakarta as a capital city in Indonesia has the biggest communities of electronic musicians and artists, and Jakarta is the biggest market of newest musical technologies and gadgets that make it also the biggest population in Indonesia that are tech savvy and are the biggest market of NFTs and web3 products. We are hoping that these new audience can be drawn more into a web3 environment, especially NEAR ecosystem.

“NEAR Riddim Showdown!” is a live beat performance competition, where the musicians can compete with any electronic music production/ performance setup that is not a DJ set. All the contestants are free to use any gear. It may be an MPC, midi controllers or even analogue synthesizer setup. Held in a tournament / battle style with big name judges from Indonesian music industry and big record labels, we hope that this tournament can be a new standard in Indonesian electronic music scene. “NEAR Riddim Showdown!” is also partnering with Finger Drumming Indo, the first and the biggest Finger Drumming community in Indonesia.

For the funding, we are requesting:

Program Amount
1st Place $ 300
2nd Place $ 150
3rd Place $ 100
Judge Sumobeat $ 75
Judge Astagah Bonie $ 75
Judge Yudis Dwikorana $ 75
Venue $ 350
3 Guest Star $ 175
DJ $ 75
Coordinator $ 50
Totals $1425

example of competition

We will pick the 5 best NFT and mint music on Svara DAO Mintbase

The plan for this event is Saturday, August 27, 2022, starting at 4 pm to 9 pm WIB



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This Wednesday, August 17, 2022 and this is plan A, we will have a meeting and form a partnership with Doubletree Hilton to organize this event. And our plan B will be at Greyhound.

Terimakasih, Svara DAO Councils
One Love


Hey, @Wiswiz for the entries, will everyone participating be onboarded, or just the winners from the competition? It seems like a really interesting event, but for $1425 to create 5 NFTs, it’s quite a lot, however, it would give real value if this is also seen as an onboarding creatives event for all participants.

Have you looked to Tamago or other platforms for releasing the music also?

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I’ve seen Tamago, but for NFT this music looks like I’ll be releasing the best 5 on the mintbase and only the best 3 will get prizes. Thank you for your advice bro :pray:

You´re welcome! Always happy to see people experimenting with all of the tools in the NEAR ecosystem.

Could you clarify the above question about the onboarding of winners/participants?

Could you also explain what is meant by this cost:

Thank you!

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So this is how it goes:

  1. Our Music Producer gives a 45 minute duration for Round 1.
  2. The results of the music/instrumental made by the participants are saved in USB, each in MP3 320 Kbps format.
  3. Musical/instrumental MP3s made by the participants are played by the DJ and listened to by the judge.
  4. For Round 2 the duration of 45 minutes, only for the top 5 participants, the theme of the music is determined by the Judge
  5. We choose the top 5 to be used as NFT Music and we choose 3 winners will get a prize.

And our goal to capture participants is to build awareness about music and copyright decentralized, we will also introduce a digital platform related to the Near ecosystem. And attracting time and interest for musicians in Indonesia is closely related to NFT and Metaverse which we are building DAO.

And we will also ask for support from the Indonesian NEAR community to come and see the participants’ performances and we will hold a workshop on the NEAR ecosystem. the point is we preach their gospel :blush:

3 guest stars

Gueststar Amount
Jayko $ 75
Lady Gan $ 50
Della MC $ 50
Totals $175

I use Jayko as Guest Star because he is popular in Jakarta and I put more payment to Jayko, because our goal is to attract people. Because it’s a small stage, usually Jayko says a gig on a big stage costs around IDR 10 million and I know him well



He is a well-known music producer in Indonesia from the 2000s until now, he won many awards and he collaborated with Sony Music, Universal, Musica, Nagaswara, Aquaris Musikindo etc.

SUM_profile.pdf (726.3 KB)

Yudis Dwikorana

He is a very legendary music producer in Indonesia and has a famous Band called Guestband in the late 1980s and he is 1/3 Indonesian producer who introduced Rap/HipHop music in Indonesia. He is active with music until now, he also won many awards and he collaborated with Sony Music, Universal, Musica, Nagaswara, Aquaris Musikindo etc. One of the first famous Indonesian rappers like Kurtis Blow was Iwa K.

Astagah Bonie

Bonie Paputungan is better known by his stage name Bonie mc who has now changed his name to Astagah Bonie" with his branding as a music producer, who was previously known as a Rapper. Bonie is a music producer/composer/arranger and a hiphop/R&B mixing engineer who currently It often collaborates with many artists and large companies to work on music projects for commercial advertising purposes.

not only working on song projects, he also has expertise as a voice over talent and has filled many commercial advertisements for private TV, radio and digital.

And in the current era Astagah Bonie is a person who plays a high role in the development of hip hop and electronic music in Indonesia. And he just won the 1st Place Finger Drumming match in Indonesia sponsored by AKAI.



Hey there, @Wiswiz! Is this more like an onboarding event that is separate from svara? Or this is one of svara’s new initiative?

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this is a new initiative from Svara DAO, we want to take many musicians and artists to get to know the NEAR ecosystem and last month we made the Show Ur Skillz event and this was quite successful by bringing visitors’ knowledge to know more about NEAR, our members also increased by 51 members from Indonesia. I explain this event in detail. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t3: