[REPORT] Marma J Foundation report April

Project/Council Members:












DAO marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Budget request April


  • Short story contest: @AshleyC is doing an amazing job and we received 34 submissions from the community (initially planned with 30); some of them have been published already, the remaining ones will be posted on the blog once they have been edited. Ashley’s report is here.
  • Crypto Heroes): report here
  • Guides: We’ve created more guides on how to set up a DAO on Astro, how to buy NFTs through the DAO, how to publish on the Marma J website etc.
  • 3xr gallery collection: The DAO started to collect 3xr galleries to support the projects and artists, until now we have received 9 which are in the DAO treasury. This project will continue in the month of May as well.
  • General Tokenomics : here ; new reports will soon be added live to the website.

Just want to highlight as well that we have a new website area where all the useful blogs are compiled so the community can learn how to work with NEAR platforms such as Astro DAO, ref.finance, Paras and Mintbase and how to use CFCs.