[Report] Arroz Fundraising Team September

Project members: @Mette & Killian
Target : mette.near
Total hours : 52 hours
Requested amount: 130N (funded)
Proposal can be seen here

Description by Mette :

Hi all,

This is the first report from the Arroz fundraising team. I will endeavour to send a fortnightly activity report, as not a lot typically happens in the space of a week in the world of fundraising.

I will soon share a public Google Drive folder detailing my hours, the progress and applications and research made throughout the month.

In the first 3 weeks of the role being in action we have had some key staff changes at Arroz, with our new studio manager Catia Ciriaco hitting the ground running, at a very busy time for the association. Catia will spend part of her week helping me do Portuguese funding applications when they come up, while my focus is on European funding and other means of funding.

This particular month also brought a deadline for the D G Artes (the Portuguese Art Council) on Sept 17th - the annual application period opened mid August.
As Arroz Estudios are new to applying to D G Artes, there was a lot of research and learning to do with a very short time span and initial limited staff availability. -Most organisations and associations applying spend several months preparing the application, we didn’t have the knowledge and staffing to do so this year. We are now better prepared for next year.

We had several D G Artes meetings with varying participants, including Steven, Cintia - who has spearheaded fundraising brilliantly in the past for Arroz - and Catia and Jay.
Cintia helped with initial information and ideation re D G Artes; Steven Rice and myself did research and planning; until Catia came on to help with the complex Portuguese application as well as Jay bringing important experience and writing skills to the table for this application process. We all took part in putting the application together to get it in on time.

The application was submitted on the 17th by Catia and Jay as I had prior obligations making me unable to work beyond two days this week. I did the content planning and gathering in English and handed over to Catia, Jay and Steven on Tuesday night.

Having identified potential fits for Arroz Estudios funding in the Creative Europe program, we wanted to know more about how to plan for potential applications.
On Tuesday 14th we had a virtual meeting with Sara Machado from the Europa Criativa desk, talking us through the best options, the time needed to apply and bigger European funding infrastructure. Catia, Steven Killian and myself attended.

On Wed 22nd I had a follow up meeting with Killian Raynor who is a highly experienced fundraiser and a member of the Arroz community since the inception of the studios.
Killian will be the additional writing partner when we go for Creative Europe funding, with the earliest suitable and realistic deadline reachable coming up early 2022.
We will continue to have weekly Monday check-ins in person and online, laying out a long time strategy for old school fundraising together, and I will look at alternative means of raising funds for the studios or good opportunities for the Arroz community.