[Report] Fundraising Team - October - Arroz Criativo

Members : @Mette & Killian (not onboarded)
Target : mette.near
Hours & total claim : 8h + 5h = 13h x 2.5N = 32.5N
Breakdown : Mette 8h x 2.5 NEAR = 20 N for Meeting, research and admin
Killian: 5 h x 2.5 NEAR = 12.5 N for Meeting and strategy]

Description of activities by Mette can be seen below :

  • I had a day with Killian discussing what we needed to in order to proceed in a meaningful way with fundraising, and we subsequently tried to have a long planning session with Steven to move forward with a plan in October. This proved difficult and has been postponed, but will be picked up in November independently.
  • On the 3rd of November we had a meeting at Arroz; Catia, Steven and myself discussing the bigger picture and reassessing how we can approach fundraising from a new angle. This includes funding it other ways which doesn’t impact artistic project funding.
  • This means we will pause the fundraising part for the time being and find a better structure for it. I would be very interested in a NEAR eco system wide look at funding and will happily contribute time to this.

As work outside of Arroz has increased again my hours are limited and it serves everyone better to have put the focus back on this work when there is a solid plan of action and less impact on funding destined to artists in the mean time.

There will be no need for funds in November.