[APPROVED] Arroz Fundraising role


I am Mette.near, a resident at Arroz studios.

I would like to propose creating a small fundraising team, which will research funding possibilities of various kinds outside the blockchain system, in order to further blockchain finance and ecosystem models as a part of creating sustainable cultural venues and organisations, on par with old traditional financial organisational models (and perhaps soon to be defunct) systems.

This is also an attempt to try to affect a change in traditional funding systems and their gate keepers; change has to happen on several levels to democratise and de-centralise culture as well as finance.

In order to carry out the the work we propose putting in place:

A weekly fundraising role: One person working 1.5 day a week.
-Weekly ongoing tasks include:
Researching and identifying possibilities and having meetings around fundraising, and most importantly applying for relevant funding for creative projects involving blockchain as an organisational framework or working with crypto art and utilising NFTs to create new revenue streams for the artists and creators in question.

-Ad hoc temporary tasks:
Major applications on short deadlines, and the occasional meeting. An example of this could be undertaking the funding process for a Creative Europe grant with blockchain and crypto currency integration project focus, and visiting the Europa Criativo office.

These may be undertaken by Killian Raynor, StevenR.near. or other members of Arroz staff or fundraising group

The budget for this activity is 240N monthly:

-5N per hour x 12hr a week ( 1.5 days)
This will include expenses such as transport or light hospitality (coffee or a soft drink) for meetings with external parties. Such as peer organisations, Creative Europe office, Gerador, councils etc.

This cost will be ongoing, as Arroz looks for ways to fund our new space; activities for the physical and the virtual community and the interaction between them, with focus integrating NEAR as a payment form and using blockchain models to make artistic output more economically sustainable.

-At times of important deadlines and complex applications being written we are requesting to have an option of asking for some extra funds.

Total cost of proposal:

240N per month + ad hoc costs for approval as/if they arise.


Thanks @chloe and @halisonlp :slight_smile:

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FYI as per the New NEAR value and budget conversion this proposal has been valued and payed out at 130N.

It was originally paid out as 240N and 110N has been paid back to the Arroz Criativo sputnikDAO.

Hey Mette, thanks for the proposal and research so far.

Can I recommend, we start a freely accessible google drive folder and post the link here so anyone in the ecosystem can see the research and work?

Otherwise excited to see how it goes

Very good idea! Will do.