[REPORT] APRIL Monthly Report - VN Artists DAO

Project Name: VN Artists DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project members:

Balance: Current account balance 12.29 (N)

Astrodao: vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near


1. Funding of New Near Wallets (Wallet Activation)

Original post:

In 30 Linkdrops: 19/20 available Linkdrops activated (10 links were refunded to the DAO treasury to cover the loss due to price change.)

For this campaign, we have learned that the creation of a campaign cost an extra 8N (5N for account activation and 3N for campaign gas & reservation fee). We decided to propose reimbursement of those fees on our May proposal.

2. Logo Creation Bounty

Original post:

Obtained great attention from the community with 22 designs submitted. The chosen logo goes to @duyhoa and will be used as our main logo since May.

Reward sent: Astro link

3. Vietnamese Artist DAO April featuring collection (Onboarding campaign)

Open call post:

We opened a Mintbase Store for our monthly featuring collection. In April, we received 25 submissions, with 21 eligible entries (4 haven’t completed the Verification process).

Bought back 19 NFTs & rewarded 3 featuring artworks of the month

Link to the Store: VN Artists DAO on Mintbase

Sheet of collection:

Reward sent: First Prize (On hold) - Second prize - Third prize

4. DAO Membership NFT bounty (3 designs/50$ per selected)

Bounty post:

This aims to create a playground for members to submit their arts to be minted as membership tokens of VN Artists DAO. Among 9 submissions, the community has voted for 3 artworks to be minted as NFT token and rewarded $50 each.

Those token will be sent out to wallets that participated in our April activity, to be processed in May.

Reward sent:
Astro link 1: toddpham.near
Astro link 2: agnesba.near
Astro link 3: haoo.near


  • 37 members on Telegram for the first month
  • 43 NFTs minted/16 holders on Mintbase store
  • 19 new wallets created
  • 4 community call made with the strong bond of 4-8 members
  • 2 bounties completed
  • 1 open call made, with the conversion to 1 DAO collection of April


  • Should propose activities & rewards in USD (instead of NEAR) to avoid price loss
  • Simple verification for members is needed for activities
  • We found out creating a link drop campaign costs 5 NEAR for account creating & 3 NEAR for campaign creating, making it a total of 8 NEAR (which hasn’t been mentioned in April’s proposal)
  • Should reserve a small amount for DAO treasury to cover the price loss, avoid causing activities pause

Accounting (Still to be paid out):

  • Council work 200$ (WilliamX)

  • April collection (frist prize) 200$

  • Community call 200$

Next Steps:

  • This month, we expand cross DAO/Guilds collaboration by cooperating with #filipino-artist-dao in a cross-culture activity

  • Expand community interaction through workshops & themed activities

  • Continue working to spread the words though medias & activities

  • Aim for 50 members on TG and 30% of conversion rate to active members on every activity


Thank you Council for organizing this great contest!!!


Thank you guys for supporting our activities! Get ready for our productive May!

Thank you @toddpham for all of your amazing product! Hope to see more and more in our future contest!