[REPORT] APRIL Monthly Report- NEAR Health Guild

Hello fellow Nearians, hope y’all are doing fine!
Hello @marketingdao-council, hope this meets you well.
We are a bit late in our monthly report, our planned activities were huge coupled with the fact that we are growing a whole new community from another industry(health). But here we are, we did it and we are happy.

We will try to report every activity and performance looking back to our proposal

Social Media Performance:

1- Telegram

-From 52 >>> 946 Members.
-3.8K messages
We grew the community with organic members from the promotion we did on WhatsApp status and medical associations, only 5% of members could be there just for some AMA rewards.

*First AMA session(telegram chat)
-92 Questions asked on Twitter
-500+ Questions asked on telegram
-100+ AMA attendees on telegram.
-10 winners were rewarded $10 each.

*Second AMA(telegram call)
-42 Questions asked on Twitter
-100+ Questions asked on Telegram
-50+ AMA attendees
-10 winners were rewarded $10 each

Short lectures: we already took lectures on some topics even before we even get a time table such Scalability, Web3, Internet of things and Internet of medical things, NFTs, Health 3.0, metaverse, NFTs in healthcare. We continue the lectures guided by the scheduled.

2- Twitter

-From 10 >>>> 246 followers
-208 Tweets
-20 likes and 10 retweets on average per tweet.
-13 Pictures/Videos

*Twitter contest

*Twitter Space

-Speaker in 2 spaces
-Hosted 1 space, invited Debio Network, Dr. Adrian Cravioto from KTR capital, CEO of Healthcare money Asset on ETH(twitter: @adriancravioto) and Mental consultant Alnoor Damji from Krikullis(twitter @IamAlnoorYCC)

3- Instagram

-From 13 >>> 539 followers
-12 posts, 8 likes on average

4- LinkedIn
170 >>> 429 followers

5- Medium

-from 10 >>>>20 followers
-Three articles so far(budgeted for 3 articles, but we are going to continue publishing more as research continues)
-50% reads to view ratio
-100 reads on average

6- Youtube

-from 10 >>>> 45 subscribers
-Three Videos so far(Budgeted for 3 videos, we are making more)


1- Promoted Near and Near Health on 5 WhatsApp TVs, 1500 views on average
2- Promoted Near Health on healthcare professionals and medical students on 6 WhatsApp and Telegram groups, 3k members on avaerage(telegram)

-Created a store on paras

  • Got verified by paras as verified creators
    -Near Health Artist created 20 unique health related NFTs which we created the NearMedcollection(50 NFTs will be in the collection), 15 NFTs are minted already.

-Recieved 50+ Unique NFTs from our community to help them mint on our store as

Wallet Creation
50+ wallet creation with direct transaction with near health wallet, those we keep count, others created wallet themselves through our guidance, but we’ll keep creating wallets all the time.


4_6015086906180637044.pdf (28.1 KB)

-We created Near Health DAO, already active with Proposals and bounties
-Created a Health group under community DAO

-HealthCare Money Asset on ETH(we will bring them to Near)
-Krikullis, an Independent DAO for sustainability
-Near Nigeria
-Octopus Network

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Thank you for sharing the report. Great job.


My pleasure, thanks @Dacha :grinning:

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Great work done here man