[Approved] Social Media and Marketing activities for NEAR Health Guild 03-04/2022

Hello NEAR fam, welcome to our plan for the month(s)

Guild name: NEAR Health

Funding scheme: Month
these activities will probably reach up to the second week of April, according to our Roadmap, the month of March is for marketing, writing this proposal now, waiting for discussion and approval would take more than a week, so we’ll use the last 2 weeks of March and the first two weeks of April for marketing.
The Healthcare industry is among those with large number of people, a greater percentage of these people are enthusiastic about digitalizing the industry, expanding their income and using their skills to earn passively.
We’ll be working to bring these people to the NEAR ecosystem and guild them on how to use it and benefits from the skills and ideas.

Marketing Plans:

We planned to grow our community with people in the healthcare industry, adding with those in the art, music, gaming, education and finance.

  • 1- WhatsApp promotion: we’ll promote NEAR and then NEAR Health on WhatsApp TVs to get members to join our community, been a medical student and an audience of such advertising platforms, i know how they work.
    WhatsApp TVs are promotional channels using WhatsApp status to reach a large number of people with common interest, I’m a viewer of Medzone Tv with 25,000 views in 24hrs, all the people viewing are healthcare workers, medical students, paramedics and so on, I’m also following International medical TV with 10,000 views in 24hrs, we will work with at least 5 TVs.

  • 2- Medical Students Association: we will reach thousands of students through associations such the African Medical Students Association(FAMSA), Nigerian Medical Students Association(NiMSA) and we we’ll also try to reach other continents through colleagues.
    We’ll use the Associations WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, Twitter handles etc to promote NEAR and get them to Join NEAR Health.

  • 3- Healthcare influencers: We’ll pay for influencer in the healthcare industries to promote and get their audience to join us

Social Media Activities

We’ll start our social media activities when we grow our telegram group to at least 1000 members

  • 1- Telegram

  • First AMA session teaching members about NEAR protocol, get them to create wallets and be ready for next steps
    (We’ll first analyze the general knowledge of the community about blockchain before the AMA via telegram poll, when least 30% of the members have zero knowledge of blockchain and crypto, we’ll carryout education sessions to teach them a little before the AMA)

  • Second AMA on healthtech, blockchain applications in healthcare, NFTs in healthcare, blockchain gaming in healthcare, VR amd the metaverse.
    -Third AMA on using NEAR Infrastructures in healthcare
    -Educational sessions after every 72hrs to teach the community about certain projects on NEAR e.g Paras, mintbase, near university, Aurora, proximity…

  • 2- Twitter

  • Atleast two tweets everyday, might be only text, pictures, infographs, TGIF etc
    -Join as much healthtech twitter spaces as possible, and atleast be a speaker in two spaces
    -Organize a twitter space; ‘Blockchain applications in Healthcare-NEAR’
    -First contest: members will comment the use cases of blockchain, NFT, gaming, VR, DAO, DeFi, metaverse in healthcare under a tweet and we get five lucky(merit) winners. We’ll of course incorporate the Near ecosystem hashtags
    -Second contest; participants will comment under a tweet, the projects built on Near that they think can be utilize in the healthcare sector, mentioning the project and hashtags

  • 3- Instagram
    We’ll use our telegram community members to grow the Instagram account

  • A post at most every 48hrs, contents will be created by the community, team and the public through a bounty

  • 4- YouTube
    We’ll grow the channel with interested people from the community
    -First video content ; an introduction about NEAR, the technology and NEAR Health
    -second video content; NFT, gaming, VR and the metaverse in healthcare, featuring likes projects built on NEAR
    -Third video content; How to utilize NEAR blockchain in healthcare
    Videos might be created by the community members or team through a bounty, or content creators

  • 5- LinkedIn
    Our Linked page currently has 170 followrs, we’ll get in bigger

  • A post at most every 48hrs, featuring NEAR in the process

  • Commenting on trending topics related to the activities of Near Health
    Graphics and video Contents from the team and/or the communiNEAR. -6 - Medium
    Our community will grow our blog
    -First article; NEAR protocol in the Heathcare industry
    -second article; NFTs in healthcare featuring Near NFT projects
    Third Article; Gaming, metaverse and VR in healthcare, featuring related projects on NEAR, articles writters from the community through bounty and/or team

We’ll be creating NEAR Health store on Mintbase and paras for creatives and musicians that wants to mint their NFTs through us, where we use the ecosystem opportunities to promote them

We’ll be collaborating with other Guilds and some projects in the ecosystem for our activities
We’ll also be creating our DAO

All social handles for our activities and events are fully functional, hopefully we start the activities proper in the second week of March when we receive funding.
We’ll be keeping statistics and improvements from start to finish of this marketing period
In the last week of the activities, we’ll compile all reports and statistics for report, also imitating next steps according to our roadmap

#Metrics for Measuring Success*

  • Marketing Metrics
    -statistics of people we reached through our promotions
    -number of people that join the community
    -How interested are the community members about what we do

  • Social Media Metrics
    52 members >>>> 1000 plus members

  • Twitter
    10 followers >>>>> 400 followers

  • LinkedIn
    170 followers >>>>> 300 followers

  • Instagram
    13 followers >>>>> 400 followers

  • YouTube
    12 Subscribers >>>> 200 subscribers
    Number of views and comments

  • Medium
    12 followers >>>> 40 followers
    Number of views and comments

  • Event Metrics
    -Number of new wallets created
    -Number of questions and participants during AMA and educational sessions
    -Number of participants for twitter contests
    -Number of listeners in our twitter spaces
    -Number of minted NFTs through our store

    • Number of people bringing ideas and wanting to start healthcare blockchain, NFT or gaming projects

Expected impact and value for the NEAR ecosystem/community

We’ll be bringing a very interesting industry to the NEAR ecosystem, developing the future of a better healthcare on NEAR, we’ll be onboarding present and future healthcare workers and stakeholders to the NEAR ecosystem making NEAR technology stand a chance of been largely adopted by the Healthcare industries amongst other blockchains.

1- Expanding the NEAR NFT space by bringing healthcare related NFTs
2- Reaching thousands of people with our activities and promotion
3- Wallets creation and developing a ideas for people in the healthcare industries to start buying and selling real life assets using $Near
4- leading ways for devs and entrepreneurs in our community to develop on NEAR

Funding Details

1- WhatsApp promotion = $420
We’ll promote and advertise NEAR and Near health with reviews on five different WhatsApp TVs for one week, $12 per post.

2- Promotion via medical associations group and social accounts = $200
We’ll promote in at least 20 groups and social accounts, can’t say how much each promotional post will cost, these are educational platforms, being one of them, i just know it will be easy, but the moderators and account managers are paid monthly, we’ll need to pay as well.

3- Healthcare /Healthtech influencers = $200
$50 per promotional tweet, we’ll demand it to be pinned. Our advisors/mentors will also help promote it

4- Three AMA sessions = $450 we’ll gift $10 in NEAR for best questions to 15 participants

5- Ten Educational sessions in 30days about projects built on NEAR = $20
$2 for reward per educator.
-Telegram group management = $100

6 - LinkedIn
Management = $100

7 - Instagram
Management = $50

8 - Three YouTube videos = $300
$100 per video

9 - Three Medium articles =$150
$50 per articles

10 - Twitter
Management = $100
First contest = $100
Second contest = $100
20 winners, $10 in NEAR for each

11 - Incentives for opening NEAR wallet; we’ll be making transfer of 0.1N to every new wallet created with our help, we’ll be growing a big community, keeping it as low as possible, the estimated number of wallets to be created would be 200 wallets.
That’s 20N.
= $200 at the time of post

12 - Support and work for NEAR health local artists to mint and promote their healthcare NFTs on mintbase and paras = $200

Team work(8 people) = 80N, 8N for each team member{ USD value at time of post($10) = $800}

**Total Requested amount in USD = 3490 USD

NEAR wallet ID: nearhealth.near

@marketingdao-council @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Dacha @so608


Let’s get right to making positive impact​:+1:

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@marketingdao-council please review this proposal :pray: the payout process is long enough to go against our activities
@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit

Hey @marketingdao-council, it’s been a week already, can we atleast know our stand?
@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit

  • Good evening! Could you please share links on your social media accounts? LinkedIn, WhatsApp, telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Twitter.
  • 3x$10x15 = $450… probably mistake

Could you please introduce your teammates?

What does it mean “healthcare related NFT”? Could you please show some examples?



Thanks @Dacha, here’s a breakdown

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Hey @Dacha
Social media accounts

Telegram group

The WhatsApp we’ll use for the promotions are run by other people in the healthtech industry

I’ll correct the mistake in the calculations

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@jabaalXdrag @alhassanbarde @Jaluga @Calton @Ibrahimbk @DrYAOhBrainy @musaaminu

Healthcare NFTs examples, the art side

These are examples of arts, but we’ll also bring music, research, videos, GIF, genetics and so much
Our community wil be happy to tokenize their work and skills


It’s definitely a unique angle. Nice going! Thumbs up- I vote yes.


Just got an opportunity to take Near to a prestigious university community to developers.
Website: https://abudevs.abu.edu.ng/

Near Health team will be talking about; Thriving in Turbulent Times: Dealing with Stress, Burnout and How To Lead A Productive Life in the live conference.

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We are a new but fast growing guild in the ecosystem, specifically on a unique angle

We’ve used available resources at hand to grow in the last 2months, our community is growing everyday and we need to engaged them now more than ever.

We already got 225followers on LinkedIn
180+ on telegram, few on twitter
All without marketing, we are going to grow a very big enthusiastic community.

If you want evaluate this proposal and want to know more about what we do, here’s a link to our introduction post;

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Hey @so608 @cryptocredit

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Lovely, I will avail the opportunity to be there, this looks awesome

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You are always welcome brother

Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:

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Nice to hear from you, Thank you @Dacha

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Awesome project. Of course the WhatsApp engagement through the use of WhatsApp TV’s we reach out to more people. I like this.


Hey @marketingdao-council


@Klint @cryptocredit @Dacha @so608 @alejandrom

Hi @Mohaa this proposal looks like it is well thought out and I particularly like the fact that you have shown your commitment before requesting funds.

Happy to suppor!