[Closed] JUNE Monthly Activities -NEAR Health Guild

Hello fellow Nearians, hope y’all are doing great.
Guild Name: NEAR Health Guild
Funding Scheme: Monthly

This was revised due to the market condition from $4,000 to $2,000

According to our 2022 roadmap, June is for launching official website and email.
As of now, our designer is almost done with the UI of the website, after that we’ll then the code, buy a domain and host the website live.

Looking back at the overwhelming success we had for things we did in April(report above), we want to do more valuable things like we did last month so as to stay consistent since our roadmap only says website launch and we can’t stay idle.
In our last webinar, we reached 200+ people from over 9 countries with definitive web3 education centrifugal around NEAR and we I boarded a reasonable amount.
Our articles were all over, super educational.

Things we planned to do this month

  1. Institutional webinar
    2.Grooming talents for NEAR Certified courses
    3.Intensify our Short lecture series
    4.Write more articles
    4.Live stream event on Opportunities in the Near ecosystem

We’ll collaborate with an institutional body to deliver the webinar just like we did last month, from the last webinar we see a lot of people with potential of building, people that want to learn, therefore it will add more value to the ecosystem if we keep it going.

NCD Grooming
We’ll train 10-15 talents for NEAR certified courses, this will run for 60days, it will include follow up of their activities and making sure they are on track.
We want to groom 10 talents for NCD1 and maybe the rest for other courses.
We’ve talents in our community with basic knowledge of JS, some are web devs, they are passionate about going into web3 and building projects in the health sector.
One of the reasons why most people don’t submit a demo smart contract for NCD is because of lack of follow up on what they do, asking about any obstacles and giving them basic support.
We have 3 Rust devs that will train and support these talents.
They will train them the basics, everything Near and smart contracts for a 30days, and then guide them through completing NCD1 course for the next 30days

Short lecture Series
We take short lectures on various projects on Near and blockchain in general, we do this after every 72hrs, we want to intensify it and make it 48hrs now.
We need to support the tutors, maybe do some giveaways sometimes.

Write more articles
We’ll write four or more extensive articles about projects on Near and leveraging them in the healthcare industry, the articles we wrote last month were educative and many people liked it and they learned from it base on their comments. we will continue doing this.
Our medium: https://medium.com/@nearhealth

Live stream*
We will go live on either YouTube or Instagram to discuss about opportunities in the Near ecosystem and how to take advantage of them with native skills
We’ll run a little giveaway during the event

We’ll launch the website by the end of the month, we already have the UI in place.

Success Metrics
-Number of people we reach during the webinar and those we onboard
-Talents we groomed that successfully got certified
-Increased knowledge of the Near ecosystem in our community
-communities reached by our articles
-People we get to start participating in the forum and the Near space in general
-increase social media followers and engagement

Expected impact
-onboarding more people on-chain
-onboarding more people off-chain
-paving ways to potential projects
-walllet creation
-increased Near native web3 contents
-increased Near native web3 knowledge for hundreds of people

Funding Details

-Webinar = $1000/2
we had $500 for the webinar last month, it wasn’t enough, onboarding, giveaways, incentives for organizers and speakers, it’s an institutional event.

-NCD grooming -$800/2
Incentives for trainers, talent support, onboarding and all

-Short Lectures -$500/2
Tutors incentives, two times giveaway within the month

-Articles -$500/2
Five or more articles

-Live Stream -$200/2
Giveaways and organizers

-Website -we are working on it

Management -$1000/2
this covers Near Health team, 4 social media management including twitter, LinkedIn, telegram, Instagram.
Working on our website and all.

Total requested amount in USD = $2000

Near wallet ID: nearhealth.near

@marketingdao-council @Dacha @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint


Good evening,

What stands for this?

How many people have been onboarded? Could you please share a list of wallets and information about giveaways?


What is the difference? How many short lectures and live streams have you planned?

Thank You


Hello @Dacha

  1. Sorry my bad for the abbreviation, NCD = Near certified Developer course

  2. 40+ people were onboarded, 20 giveaways.
    Here are info about the wallets and giveaways:

wallets.pdf (20.5 KB)

Giveaway.pdf (18.8 KB)

  1. The short lectures are a continuous process of learning, we started in April, and it’s going to continue, we’ll be adding topics as we go on, right now we’ve the lecture schedule for June and July, here’s the schedule
    schedulee.pdf (412.1 KB)

  2. The live stream is going to be for people even outside our community with the aim to get them onboard, the short lectures is what we do every 48hrs, and it’s for education about project and blockchain, while the stream is going to be about just opportunities in the Near ecosystem. We planned for 2 live streams while the short lectures are continues, we do them every 48hrs in our telegram group.


It’s a great initiative, can you clarify some of the items from your proposal?

Can you show the breakdown of what the $1000 breakdown is for the Webinar?
Onboarding - What does this mean?
Giveaways - How much and how many? How is this different from incentives?
Incentives - How much per wallet and how many?

Social media management - how many posts? Can you include the links to those channels?


Hey @Klint

The $1000 for the webinar will go for the organizers in the institution we are collaborating with, giveaways, graphics, presentations, and wallet creation.

Onboarding = wallet creation, forum introduction and getting one fully in the ecosystem.

We do giveaways for people that ask certain good questions or we give tasks, while incentives is for wallets which is for everyone, giveaways require winners
Last webinar we gave away $10 to 20 people.

0.2N per wallet creation, we don’t know the exact number of wallet we’d creating, but from how we do things, I’d say it goes to 50 and above.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEARhealth_
2/3 posts per day
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/near-healthy
2 posts per day
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/near.health
2/3 posts per day
Telegram: https://t.me/nearhealth
All the time


Do you have a blueprint or soemthing you could share to demonstrate progress to date? Always happy to provide advice as well on UI/UX

  • Was the webinar recorded? Where was it hosted?
  • Links to articles?

Which institutional body?

Overall, it is unclear to me how the current marketing campaign - which seems to be about NEAR in general - is connected in any way to NEAR Health…

Where is this project based?


Hey @satojandro

  1. We’ve started working on our low fidelity wireframes and in the coming days we’ll be finalising our high fidelity wireframes and also testing our prototypes before we hand over to our developer.
    If you got any good advice for us.

  2. Yes the webinar was recorded, it was hosted on Zoom, you can watch the recordings on this Google drive, we’ll be uploading to our YouTube channel after some little edit.
    Zoom cloud

3.Here are links to some of our previous articles
-Exploring the Ethereum Virtual Machine -AURORA
-Decentralized Autonomous Organizatios In Healthcare -Astro DAO
-Understanding Application-specific Blockchains — Octopus Network
-The Blockchain Privacy Solution, Calimero Network built on NEAR.
-Blockchain Oracle for Healthcare Applications- Flux Protocol
-NEAR’s Private Shards offer the security and privacy needed for healthcare blockchain adoption.
-Healthcare in the Metaverse; Gaming and virtual reality.

  1. Last time we hosted the webinar in Collaboration with the Federation of African Medical Students Association(FAMSA)

there announcement:
LinkedIn -FAMSA Official -Post
This time around we are planning on hosting it through a similar body in Asia or some other continent.

We are a thematic guild, our main goal is to teach people in the healthcare industry how to leverage blockchain in the health sector and guide them to Health 3.0(web3 health), in this process, we focus more on educating them about NEAR, what they can build on NEAR for the health industry, how to build it, where to get started, why this tech is the future of Health informatics and why they need to learn it.

Please read through our last month report if you need to see more about the webinar and the contents we created.



Hello @marketingdao-council
Please can we get this approved, the month is already 1/3.
@Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit @so608


Hey @Mohaa – were you able to do both webinars that were proposed for May in the original proposal? Didn’t see that in your report. Can you update us on that?

Overall, I am supportive of the importance of educating the medical community about the opportunities that exist in blockchain. I am glad to see your effort to bring this to more countries, make it a global initiative.

In terms of timing, be aware that it can take 4-5 weeks from posting a proposal to pay out depending on the length of time to review, ask questions, get feedback, submit to Astro, go through KYC. If timing is an issue on your side I recommend posting with more lead time in the future.


Hey @so608 thanks for thr feedback

Yes we did the most important webinar which was for the Federation of Africal medical students, for the second one, you are supposed to be invited by a Texas basd project to speak, i think they postponed it or something, but anytime they’ll do it, we’ll be a part of it.
Report about thr webinar is in our May Monthly Report, you can see the screenshots of the event and the numbers onboarded in a file attached.
Also please you can check my replies to @Dacha and @satojandro under this topic to see more report about the previous webinar, i replied them with documents and links to recordings.

About the timing, I’ll try to be doing ahead of time next time.
Also we’ve started some of this month work that doesn’t require much funding as it’s taking too long, we’ll do as much as we can even if it doesn’t get approved, hopefully it does so we could do all that we listed here.
Thank you

Hello again @marketingdao-council, please what’s your stand here?
@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint

Thanks for answering my questions above – you have my support for this for another month. You still need two more council members to post their decision before this can be approved or closed.


Alright, thanks for the support.
I’ll wait for @Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit to respond

This article’s intro is just copied from this article. EVM intro is just from CMC.

The intro here is just from Wikipedia.

Are all the articles just consolidations of other articles? I think everyone should avoid plagiarising other texts word-for-word.


Even this one, which I thought had a strong intro, is just copied from 101blockchains.

IMO the community fund absolutely should not be used to fund the creation of articles which plagiarise without even mentioning the original author.


Hi @Mohaa thanks for the proposal.

In proposals where there is no direct link between the core areas of Near (Defi / NFT / dapps) and the project activities - in this case health - I need to see clear value before I can support.

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Only part of an intro that is copied are the definition of certain terms ,for example a “DAO” , even if we don’t copy that, the definitions would always be more or less the same imo.
We just define the terms as they somewhere and then add something about healthcare to the intro, for example here

And if a structural part of an article is copied we do mention it, for example here

Thanks for the correction @David_NEAR

The entire intro about Greek mythology is a carbon copy of the 101blockchains, just something I think we should be aware of.


Hey @cryptocredit, this proposal is centered around education and onboarding (webinar, lectures, Near certified developer course) and reaching out(articles, live stream)

Every activity we do is to bring people to build dApps for healthcare, show them how to leverage Defi, and we have brought couple of artists already which are now verified on paras, we are trying to do more and produce more utility for NFTs in the health sector,
this is one of our nft store on paras: