[Report] Dance DAO's Report For The Month Of April, 2022

April Monthly Report

Project Name: DanceDAO

Project Status: In Progress

Council members:


Balance: current account balance _____

Astrodao dancedao.sputnik-dao.near


Our funding proposal for the month of April was approved, but we just received our funds. We didn’t allow the delay in recieving funds stop us, some of our council members made financial commitments to be refunded as soon as we received our funds.

Project 1 (Report):
Title: Show Your Moves

So far, we have a total of 9 submissions.

All the entries were shared on our Socials. One of the entries we shared got 587 views already on Instagram, and 5657 on TikTok!

Deadline has been extended for a little longer until the 15th of May, 2022 where the winners will be announced and prizes paid.

Project 2 (Report)

Title: Metaverse Dance Party

The Metaverse Dance Party is scheduled to hold on the 15th of May. It took us this long to hold the party due to delayed funding. The party will serve the dual purposes of introducing our DAO to the Metaverse and also as the end of the Show Your Moves Dance Competition.

Project 3 (Report):
Title: Purpose Of Dance Documentary

Just as stated in the proposal,this documentary will be premiered at our Metaverse Dance part coming up on the 15th of May.


We opened accounts on Instagram @neardancedao

TikTok @neardancedao

YouTube @neardancedao

Balance before funding: (5N)
We received: $2000 (162.6N)
Currently: $1740.50 (168.0015)
(Due to massive drop in Near value)

We recently received our funds and are yet to make any payouts. But we will refund all the loans we took to actualize our projects soon.

Next Steps:

We encourage dancers and dance lovers in the community to join our fast growing community:

[@neardancedao] - (Login • Instagram) - Instagram

@neardancedao - TikTok

[Dance DAO](Dance DAO Telegram: Contact @dancedao)



Hello @AugustKinge. Let me drop here some important notes to improve your report and also to gave your proposal more power.

Use the guideline published here to write your report:

The header is a very important part.

About the funds asked and no received, describe what happen and how you will give back the funds to the council members. It’ll give more clarity to the finances for your community.

Let me know if you have some question =)

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Hello @hevertonharieno

We made corrections. Please, check it out and let me know if it’s good.

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Cheers :clinking_glasses: