[REPORT] 3+1 Live Broadcast

Hello Everyone,
I created a proposal about 3+1/Tea&Talk/YUCON. [ [Approved] Yucon, 3+1, Tea+Talk events ]
Here is 3+1 Report.
Event happened at 01/04/2022 8 PM UTC+3
30 people attended the live broadcast.
Broadcast recorded. 80 people watched the recorded broadcast.
I gave 3 Near.
1 Near to Aleyna Soyer (President of Computer Society).

1 Near to Yunus Özen (Advisor of IEEE Yalova University/Instructor at Yalova University. His department Computer Engineering)

1 Near to Özgür Özkaya (Research Assistant at Yalova University/Department Computer Engineering)

3+1 Record link: Login • Instagram
You can watch the 3+1 live broadcast record at this link.


I invited participants to the forum. They will be here as soon as possible :grin:.

As a listener i had an amazing time with them, thank you for your effort mate keep it up!

(a big thanks for Yunus Ozen he asked so many things and gave him a hard time to explain but @REK clarified all of them :brain: :brain: :grin:)

May the near be with you

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Thank you for sharing the report.

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Great report! Well done

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