[Report] June 2022 Thespians DAO Monthly Report

Monthly Report - June 2022
(First Month of Operation)

Thespians DAO Co-founders:

DAO Mentor:


*Total Requested (unapproved fund): $2,000 USD in NEAR

*Total Spent:
6 NEAR (DAO Activation)
1 NEAR (Wallet Activation for 5 New NEARians)

*Total Left: 7 NEAR

What we proposed: [CLOSED] THESPIANS DAO’s Funding Proposal For The Month Of June

Total Requested Funding Amount: $2,000 USD in NEAR


The purpose of the Thespians DAO is to create platforms for Actors and Actresses to freely express their creativity and heal the world through dramas and films. And to also appreciate the effort put in place by crew members who work tirelessly behind the stage and camera to make these works of Art a success.


Onboarding of New NEARians:
Since the incubation of the Thespians DAO, we have onboarded 5 New NEArians from our personal pockets - @2000BCEgbuna @Excelwise @Styleherbalist @Ericphotographer22 @PeaceUk1 @Gabejay
We hope to do more this July.

Introduction of Weekly Activities:
We introduced the Thespians DAO Weekly Activities, and have kicked off with few of them. We can’t perform most of the activities because they need rewards for participation, and these Weekly Activities can help spread the gospel of Blockchain.

Instructors/Guidance Duties:
We are trying as much as possible to carry every member of the DAO along, as well as answering questions that relates to Thespians DAO and NEAR Protocol in general.

Social Media Packaging & Awareness:
We have set up our Social Media Platforms rolling with contents that can attract the general public to the activities of the Blockchain. And so far, we have been growing in most of the platforms.

Telegram: 36
Instagram: 11
Twitter: 2
Facebook: 1

Total - 50 Members

Thespians DAO Social Media Link Tree:


Hopefully we will keep working from our personal pockets and intuition, till we can be funded to carry varieties of workloads we have put in place to take Thespians DAO to the next level and promote NEAR Protocol through Stage Drama and Film Drama.


In July, we hope to do more of our Weekly Activities and collaborate with other DAOs who would need our services in any means.

Luckily, if funded, we would be hosting our first Stage Drama and deliver the NFTs generated for Blockchain consumption.

We are also planning on how to get our website in place and load it with lots of contents.


We intend to produce Stage Dramas and Films that would be premiered on the Metaverse and Cinemas. With time, we believe we will achieve all these.


The Creative DAO should consider our June Proposal and approve it for July, so that we can take off with full force - [CLOSED] THESPIANS DAO’s Funding Proposal For The Month Of June

Thank you,

Thespians DAO: