🌸 ReFi Builder “Grower” Group

:dart: Objectives

The following group aims to support and bolster the development of ReFi initiatives on NEAR by:

Building ReFi-focused common goods on NEAR, with a hyperfocus on open-source tooling.

Encouraging cross-collaboration between ReFi projects and builders in the NEAR ecosystem.

Reinforcing the NEAR protocol as the ReFi chain.

Bridging the technology behind environmentally conscious initiatives.

Bringing ReFi initiatives from other chains to NEAR.

Sowing partnerships between other elements of the NEAR ecosystem interested in the ReFi space.

Acting as a support network for ReFi projects in NEAR to reduce churn.

Sourcing volunteer interest in humanitarian initiatives on NEAR.

Keeping updated on key product updates across ReFi players in the NEAR ecosystem.

:thinking: Why

We are losing Voice of Share (VoS) to other chains like Celo for ReFi initiatives.

We have witnessed many ReFi projects on AwesomeNEAR have been becoming inactive.

ReFi initiatives are being siloed between platforms and lack a specific, technology-centric approach to tackling these issues.

Current ReFi groups focus on a sub-section of ReFi and lack public goods adoption.

There is potential to attract green technology accelerators into the Web3 space.

NEAR is in a unique position as one of the first carbon-neutral blockchains that drove ReFi.

Bolster & drive growth to Developer DAO

Our thesis is that ReFi is a crucial use case for coordinating people, bringing real-world assets, contributing to public goods, and unifying the decentralized world around the principles that Web3 was founded on. It will be a pillar for adoption, liquidity, and innovation for any blockchain closely aligning with these values.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Notes can be found here NEAR Hacks

:date: Calendar can be found here NEAR Hacks (inactive now TBA)

:speech_balloon: TG-Group: NEAR Hacks

Governance forum post: NEAR Hacks

:handshake: Existing Stakeholders

Here are stakeholders that we would love to take part in helping steer this grassroots initiative


Open Forest Protocol

MarmaJ DAO

Proximity: for bridging real world assets

Raiz Vertical Farms


NEAR Ocean


Non-NEAR Refi Potential Partners

Climate Collective

Celo Blockchain

Impact DAO / Gitcoin

Blockchain Acceleration Foundation

AlgoFame: (on Algorand)

:eyes: Topics to Focus on

Climate finance, Green bonds, green finance

Carbon Credits

Impact investing

Public Goods Funding

Quadratic Funding

Non Profit Investment

Onchain Tax Benefits

Circular economy

Community development

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Scoring & Tracking

Renewable energy

Natural capital and biodiversity.

If you are interested join the telegram group, like the following NEAR.social post and comment on this governance post expressing your interest.

:rocket:Next Steps

Post on Governance Post

Post on NEAR Social

Get Key Stakeholders to Telegram

Async Figure out Objectives / Open Source Initiatives

Meeting Times? Agenda: Product Updates

Examples of Inactive ReFI Projects on NEAR and why we need support network





Yep I’m in!

I’ve been seeking out green and ReFi crypto projects on other chains and would love to bring them to Near.

Lets put out heads together and make Near the ‘go-to’ protocol for ReFi and climate projects


Maybe share this post across the other Daos for more exposure


Hello, totally agree with the initiative, I’m in @PerennisNetwork and we are working on a ReFi initiative in Near Protocol; will be great if Near becomes more active on ReFi , let’s talk on TG! :smiley:

Adding @Bancambios to the thread too!


gm gm!

thanks for the mention @Do0k13

Yes, and we continue doing real-life regeneration, please support this initiative on Twitter:

Full disclosure Bancambios is working on @RefiStarter and @ReFiCon

We are helping with the admins on ReFiMexico on chats by ReFiDAO and ReFiSpring, and we have been active & engaging with ReFiDAO for several months now. As they are doing a great job. As Bancambios emphasis has been about ReFi from years now, we have been connecting with 400 people or projects working on ReFi. Not only Web3 but real-life initiatives to help the Planet.

The projects we are preparing to do our own sequestration of Carbon are big, we are also working on Plastic Credits and other ESG efforts.

We would love to work more closely and accelerate things. We should tag BeeTogether, as well.

Looking forward to participate on a call and discuss details.



i was thinking of why only REFI but whole social impact category must be included and a dao related to that should be formed specifically working with project on near.


a DAO is cool, their is already ESG DAO, but Social Impact is a category of Refi, and this intent seems to be building public goods


Hey guys

anything new on ReFi on NEAR?

Let’s catch up or organize a call to discuss collaborations, ideas and initiatives.

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Wen NDC Refi WG @blaze


Hey, more than a year ago I stressed the need to have ReFi on NEAR.

I have been working on ReFi and I can accelerate the development of ReFi inside NP.



Hey NF, is a sad response from the foundation on ReFi projects, Near boasts of being a carbon neutral chain but there is zero support for green projects, ccp . @lei.lei


@ref we haven’t asked for response for the NF to this point and from our knowledge NF priority is for tier 1 and tier 2 partnerships, pipelining proejcts with external fundings and helping support DAOs. Currently we are going through NDC framework to design a system that sustainably allows NEAR to take back ReFI share of voice, seed partnerships with governments, products, and NGOs. Here is the WG doc for reference ReFi WG Framework V2 Charter - Google Docs


Let us know if you want ReFi Mexico to include NEAR on the growth program we have in Mexico.

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